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Presentation helps you to make tutorials, release notes and animated pages.

Looking for the easiest way of presenting something in your iOS app? Then you are in the right place. Presentation will help you to make your tutorials, release notes and any kind of animated pages with the minimum amount of effort.

Presentation includes the following features:

  • Custom positioning: you can use Position for percentage-based position declaration.

  • Content: View model used for custom positioning and animations. It translated your percents to AutoLayout constraints behind the scene.

  • Slides: You can use any kind of UIViewController as a slide.

  • SlideController is your good friend if you want to use custom positioning and animation features on your pages.

  • Background: You can add views that are visible across all the pages.

  • Also it's possible to animate those views during the transition to the specific page.

  • Animations: You can easily animate the appearance of a view on the specific page.

  • Presentation works both on the iPhone and the iPad. You can use it with both Swift and Objective-C.