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WIZTutorialPagerController screenshot


A pager for tutorial screens

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SwiftyPageController screenshot


SwiftyPageController will be helpful to use in many pages controller

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PageSheetForm screenshot


PageSheetForm is a PageSheet style form.

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BSYellowPages screenshot


An iOS customizable ScrollIndicator

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Tabman screenshot


A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar for iOS.

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LazyPages screenshot


A highly customizable library that helps you to show a scrollable list of view controllers synchronized with an index. It is written in Swift 2.2 for iOS 8+.

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PAGestureAssistant screenshot


A drop-in UIViewController category for showing interaction tips and tutorials to users.

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SwiftPages screenshot


A swift implementation of a swipe between pages layout, just like Instagram's toggle between views. Features - A simple yet beautifully architected solution for management of paged-style view controllers. - Dynamic loading of view controllers, allowing handling of high amounts of data without compromising memory. - Highly customisable, all items have clean API’s to change them to any appearance or size. - Can be sized and positioned anywhere within a view controller. - Made for iPhone and iPad. - Extensively documented code for quick understanding.

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Presentation screenshot


Presentation helps you to make tutorials, release notes and animated pages. Looking for the easiest way of presenting something in your iOS app? Then you are in the right place. Presentation will help you to make your tutorials, release notes and any kind of animated pages with the minimum amount of effort. Presentation includes the following features: * Custom positioning: you can use Position for percentage-based position declaration. * Content: View model used for custom positioning and animations. It translated your percents to AutoLayout constraints behind the scene. * Slides: You can use any kind of UIViewController as a slide. * SlideController is your good friend if you want to use custom positioning and animation features on your pages. * Background: You can add views that are visible across all the pages. * Also it's possible to animate those views during the transition to the specific page. * Animations: You can easily animate the appearance of a view on the specific page. * Presentation works both on the iPhone and the iPad. You can use it with both Swift and Objective-C.

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DRPageScrollView screenshot


Block-driven paginated scroll view. - __Block-driven__ page setup. - __Auto Layout__ friendly. - __Page reusability__ à la UITableView reusable cells.

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JTTableViewController screenshot


A ViewController for manage pagination and loaders for iOS.

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ISScrollViewPageSwift screenshot


This is a easy implementation if you need put yours UIViewControllers inside an UIScrollView navigation style.

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OTPageScrollView screenshot


OTPageScrollView cell in OTPageScrollView is selected always in center

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SCFacebook 4.1 screenshot

SCFacebook 4.1

The SCFacebook 4.1 is a simple and cleaner to use the api facebook-ios-sdk Objective-C Wrapper ( to perform login, get friends list, information about the user and posting on the wall with ^Block for iPhone. Suporte 4.71 FBSDKCoreKit, FBSDKShareKit and FBSDKLoginKit. Facebook SDK

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DAPageControlView screenshot


A scrollable page control for those rare cases when UIPageControl won't fit screen width. I just love UIPageControl, don’t you? It’s simple and intuitive. It does not get any more "native" than this since Apple has used it in SpringBoard for ages. UIPageControl is the perfect choice when you have a fullscreen UIScrollView (UICollectionView) with pagingEnabled and you want to encourage your users to “swipe to see more.” DAPageControlView gives your users the exact same experience they get from UIPageControl, and something more. While UIPageControl is a winner for static data, DAPageControlView might be a better choice for cases when you fetch your data from a server in chunks and/or do not know the total number of items. DAPageControlView is scrollable and applies the "perspective" effect to dots on the right and/or on the left if neccessary. If all the dots fit the screen, DAPageControlView behaves exactly like UIPageControl. Also there is an option to make the rightmost dot "blink" to let the user know that more items are loading. Also there is an option to make the rightmost dot "blink" to let the user know that more items are loading.

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PHPageScrollView screenshot


PHPageScrollView is a UIScrollView subclass that allows scrolling of multiple pages. Support a data source and delegate. Flexible implementation.

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and tags, share or delete a photo, and report inappropriate photos. All photos and content are loaded asynchronously. User permissions for a photo are controlled through a delegate protocol. No graphic files are required for the gallery as icons are drawn in code. The library was designed using a state pattern to control the behavior of the gallery, so that other developers can easily modify or add new states without having to understand too much of the original code. Quick Feature list: + Photo Tagging: Create/Edit/Delete + Photo Commenting: Create/Edit/Delete + Photo Sharing: + Photo Reporting: + Speficy User Permissions per Photo for commenting, tagging, deletion, reporting, etc. + Page Based Scrolling + Photos give immediate bounce feedback when single tapped, for a juicy interface feel. + Toggle Tags On/Off + Pinch, Zoom, Pan Photos with gestures. + Scrollable captions, variable lengths with auto-dimming background + Show/Hide UI elements with a single tap gesture + Asynchronous loading of data + Activity Indicator per Photo. + Content Mode AspectFit/Center auto detection (prevent photos smaller than the screen from blowing up) + Full landscape/portrait orientation support + Resolution independent support (iPad/iPhone) + Touch and hold comments to copy or delete + Flat UI Design + Comments icon shows the number of comments posted (if there are any) + Other stuff!

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MWViewsContainer screenshot


Lightweight Views container with top bar with customizable options pod 'MWViewsContainer'

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TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView screenshot

TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView

TSTabView UI component that allows to flip left and right through pages of data. TSTabView can manage set of UIView or UIViewController objects. TSNavigationStripView control is used to display available pages titles/tabs and navigate between them. Custom TSNavigationStripView entity should be provided to TSTabView during initialisation. Video demo Some features are listed below: - Navigates through set of UIView or UIViewController objects. - Support far jumps between pages. - Tabs list in TSNavigationStripView support different types of layout and alignment, including: alignment to left side, alignment to right side, autofill available space, central alignment (which imitate behaviour of ViewPager component on Android). - Tabs list in TSNavigationStripView can be scrollable. - TSNavigationStripView can display additional menu items on left or right sides. - TSNavigationStripView provide great flexibility for appearance customisation. - All view transitions are down with smooth animations. The easiest way to integrate component is using CocoaPods. Just add this to your Podfile: ``` pod 'TSUIKit', '~> 0.1' ```

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DAPagesContainer screenshot


A generic view container with a scrollable top bar. Just pass the array of view controllers and DAPagesContainer will grab their titles and nicely display them in the top bar. The titles will be aligned properly even if their lengths differ and they do not fit the screen width. CocoaPod: pod 'DAPagesContainer'

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REPagedScrollView screenshot


Paged UIScrollView with an embedded UIPageControl.

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