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GDWebViewController screenshot


A simple view controller for navigating web pages using WKWebView. - A browser-like view controller to support web pages navigation in your Swift app. - Supports back-forward navigation and pag...

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SlideMenuControllerSwift screenshot


iOS Slide Menu based on iQON, Feedly, Google+, Ameba iPhone app.

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RAReorderableLayout screenshot


A UICollectionView layout which you can move items with drag and drop.

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PulsingLayer screenshot


Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView. Completely written in Swift.

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RAMPaperSwitch screenshot


RAMPaperSwitch is a Swift module which paints over the parent view when the switch is turned on.

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FloatLabelFields screenshot


Text entry controls which contain a built-in title/label so that you don't have to add a separate title for each field. FloatLabelFields is the Swift implementation of a UX pattern that has come...

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MABCardsView (Swift) screenshot

MABCardsView (Swift)

A Swift port for https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView

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RAMAnimatedTabBarController screenshot


RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items.

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SwiftGraph screenshot


SwiftGraph is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a graph data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It includes support for weighted, unweighted, directed, and undire...

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ReorderableGridView (Swift) screenshot

ReorderableGridView (Swift)

Reorderable grid view solution implemented with Swift. It's a UIScrollView subclass, not a collection view layout.

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MABSlider (Swift) screenshot

MABSlider (Swift)

Custom Slider for OS X using Swift

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NSURL Validation screenshot

NSURL Validation

This is a Swift extension of NSURL that will take a provided String and validate it for both proper format and that it is an accessible url. It is asynchronous and returns the response and formatte...

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Crackers screenshot


Simple network library in Swift, for iOS and OSX

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MaterialKit screenshot


Material design components (inspired by Google Material Design) for iOS written in Swift

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CCMRadarView screenshot


CCMRadarView uses the IBDesignable tools to make an easy customizable radar view with animation

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DSFacebookImagePicker screenshot


DSFacebookImagePicker is an image picker replacement that selects photos from the user's Facebook account instead of their local photo library. It was designed to be used as similar as possible to ...

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SocketIOCocoa screenshot


The socket 1.0 client in Swift

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Sync screenshot


Sync eases your every day job of parsing a `JSON` response and getting it into Core Data. It uses a convention over configuration paradigm to facilitate your workflow. * Handles operations in sa...

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ScreenSceneController screenshot


ScreenSceneController — custom view controller that manages the navigation of hierarchical content in JetRadar and Aviasales apps. It's written in Swift.

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JMSwiftBackgroundCameraView screenshot


Use a front or back camera on backgroundView in your app. This is perfect for Logins or Welcome screens. It's the same that JMBackgroundCameraView but this is in Swift.

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AERecord screenshot


Super awesome Core Data wrapper for iOS written in Swift

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AEXML screenshot


Simple and lightweight XML parser for iOS written in Swift

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YPDrawSignatureView screenshot


Easy and straight forward, it lets you draw a signature in an UIView. The signature can then be saved for use in an email, signing a PDF, your imagination is the limit. Made in Swift

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INTUGroupedArray screenshot


An Objective-C and Swift collection for iOS and OS X that stores objects grouped into sections. INTUGroupedArray is an Objective-C data structure that takes the common one-dimensional array to t...

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Panorific screenshot


An immersive, intuitive, motion-based way to explore high quality panoramas and photos on an iOS device. Panorific is implemented in Swift.

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