6421 open source UI components
for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

RBSentinel screenshot


RBSentinel helps in improving the communication between the applewatch and the parent application. It opens up a REST based interface to handle information needed by the watchapp

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KODropdownNotification screenshot


Fully customizable notification view for iOS. Uses Autolayout

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Circular Indicator screenshot

Circular Indicator

Circular Indicator is a simple circulator that fills up a circle as a ring or a full circle, which can be used to display the progress of a task or as a timer as used in the example.

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PullToMakeSoup screenshot


Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

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WAAccountStore screenshot


WAAccountStore is a simple yet extensible account system. It encapsulates the basic account management functions, the security storage of the account credential. And allows you to store any useful information you want with a account.

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PathFindingForObjC screenshot


A Comprehensive PathFinding Library for Objective-C.

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LaughCamera screenshot


iOS Camera Library with facial gestures recognition

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KYDrawerController screenshot


Side Drawer Navigation Controller similar to Android * Storyboard support * Auto Layout support

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GLCalendarView screenshot


A fully customizable calendar view acting as a date range picker

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YSLTransitionAnimator screenshot


a pinterest style transition animation

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