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MNMProgressBar screenshot


February 23, 2012 • BSD License
Custom progress bar view to show determinate and indeterminate progress.
SJNotificationViewController screenshot


February 21, 2012 • BSD License
Dead-simple in-app notifications. Notifications slide up from the bottom of whatever view they're attached to and slide back down when you or the user are done with them. Great for indicating th...
F3PlotStrip screenshot


February 18, 2012 • BSD License
Plotting strip for dynamic data which can also be used as a sparkline. Data may be supplied one value at a time (as when reading sensor or other data) or can be supplied as an NSArray (as when u...
STOverlay screenshot


February 17, 2012 • BSD License
STOverlay is a set of classes for transparent overlays like iOS.
MNMBottomPullToRefresh screenshot


February 16, 2012 • BSD License
MNMBottomPullToRefresh is a solution to add pull-to-refresh feature to the bottom of a UITableView instead of the top, as usual. This view can be used to retrieve more values, or pages, of a large ...
JBDaylightOverlay screenshot


February 09, 2012 • BSD License
An overlay for MapKit that shows daylight for the current date and time.
MJGLayoutKit screenshot


February 07, 2012 • BSD License
iOS layout framework inspired by Android's layout system.
JWFolders screenshot


January 25, 2012 • BSD License
JWFolders is a set of classes that attempt to mimic the folder animation present on the iOS SpringBoard.
F3Swirly screenshot


January 24, 2012 • BSD License
I needed a control which had visual aspects of both an activity indicator as well as an annunciator. This control satisfies that need by providing, textual, color, and animated feedback. ...
RKLayout screenshot


January 14, 2012 • BSD License
A simple layout manager for iOS.
UAModalPanel screenshot


January 10, 2012 • BSD License
UAModalPanel is an alternative modal panel that you can popup in your view controllers to show content that might not need an entire new screen to show. It works on the iPhone and iPad, with or wit...
F3BarGauge screenshot


December 20, 2011 • BSD License
Customizable LED/LCD-like bar gauge for iOS.
CLKeypad screenshot


December 18, 2011 • BSD License
CLKeypad is a customized iPhone keyboard NumberPad with a customized toolbar. It has the same function as UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad except that CLKeypad provide an extra decimal point button. You can...
DETweetComposeViewController screenshot


December 10, 2011 • BSD License
An iOS 4 compatible version of the TWTweetComposeView controller. Otherwise known as the Tweet Sheet.
CBEditableImageView screenshot


November 28, 2011 • BSD License
CBEditableImageView is a subclass of NSImageView that resembles the editable image well as seen in System Preferences > Users (where people assign a profile image to their account).
SPGroupedTabView screenshot


November 18, 2011 • BSD License
SPGroupedTabView is a two-tiered or grouped tab view suitable for providing access to a wide variety of information in a limited space. It can be employed when the user needs to view or interact wi...
BALabel screenshot


November 17, 2011 • BSD License
BALabel extends UILabel and adds some very useful features. You can align text vertically to the top, center and bottom edge, specify margins for text inside the label (useful for table headers) an...
BASequenceControl screenshot


November 12, 2011 • BSD License
Variation of UISegmentedControl with "direction" theme. Can be used as drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl.
HGKDragAndDropRecycleBin screenshot


November 05, 2011 • BSD License
Drag and drop objects contended in a scrollable image gallery to a recycle bin
HZActivityIndicatorView screenshot


October 10, 2011 • BSD License
A highly customizable drop-in replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView