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DMTwitterOAuth screenshot


An Objective-C library (made using blocks) implementing OAuth protocol for Twitter Login and persistent session, plus an example iOS (iPhone) app demonstrating its use.

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BaseKit screenshot


BaseKit is a set of IOS class to make your life easier

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TYIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


An Oink-like indeterminate progress bar.

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BBCyclingLabel screenshot


iOS 5+ (ARC) UILabel clone that performs animated transitions when changing text.

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GSBookShelf screenshot


An iBooks-styled bookshelf.

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STBubbleTableViewCell screenshot


STBubbleTableViewCell is a UITableViewCell subclass for easily displaying chat conversations. This component comes with 10 colored bubble images in both normal and retina size. <hr/> <p>FEATURE...

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NGTabBarController screenshot


A custom TabBarController which can be positioned on the bottom, top, left or top. Utilizes iOS 5 Containment API if possible, but works on iOS 4 too. The TabBar is fully customizable with a tintCo...

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ZKRevealingTableCellView screenshot


A Sparrow-style Implementation of Swipe-To-Reveal.

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UIGlossyButton screenshot


Create standard iPhone buttons without any image. It's easy to embed into any project, two files are needed. It's easy to add new effects.

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ADLivelyTableView screenshot


ADLivelyTableView is a drop-in subclass of UITableView that lets you add custom animations to any UITableView.

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FSVerticalTabBarController screenshot


This project aims to replicate UITabBarController functionality and behavior, but with a vertical tab bar.

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KNSemiModalView screenshot


UIViewController+KNSemiModal is an effort to make a replica of semi-modal view plus with pushed-back stacked animation found in the beautiful "Park Guides by National Geographic" app. This libra...

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CDPieMenu screenshot


Fully and easly customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. It rotates with inertia/momentum. Drawn using CoreGraphics wit...

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Adjustable Label Category screenshot

Adjustable Label Category

Adjusting the size of a UILabel is a pain in the back. This category provides a couple of simple methods to make this process less painful. You can "auto adjust" a label provided a minimum size,...

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Geocoder screenshot


A view controller which allows the user to either long press a map and get back an address, or enter text into a search bar to put a pin on a map. That functionality isn't the most useful thing ...

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OGActionChooser screenshot


OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user c...

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QR Code Encoder screenshot

QR Code Encoder

An implementation of QR code encoder for Objective-C ported from Psytec library. Able to encode an NSString to a dot matrix which can be further rendered to an UIImage.

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TBHintView screenshot


TBHintView is a simple, highly customizable hint library for iOS. It enables you to add simple hints to any UIView. It features multiple page support and various show and hide animation types.

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LIExposeController screenshot


LIExposeController is a new navigation paradigm for iOS apps. A great example is LinkedIn's iPhone app. LIExposeController acts as a container view controller, much like UINavigationController o...

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PrettyKit screenshot


PrettyKit is a small set of new widgets and UIKit subclasses such as UITableViewCell, UINavigationBar or UITabBar that gives you a deeper UIKit customization. You will be able to change their backg...

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JCTiledScrollView screenshot


JCTiledScrollView is a set of classes that wraps UIScrollView and CATiledLayer. It aims to simplify displaying large images and PDFs at multiple zoom scales.

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XBImageFilters screenshot


XBImageFilters allows you to obtain filtered versions of any image or from the camera in realtime. It uses OpenGL ES 2 to filter the images through fragment shaders you write yourself so you can fi...

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MOOPullGesture screenshot


Clean, versatile pull gesture for iOS perfectionists. Comes with pull-to-create and pull-to-refresh.

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PagedFlowView screenshot


A Paging Enabled Flow View, like the screenshots view in iPhone App Store.

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LeveyPopListView screenshot


LeveyPopListView is an alternative to UIActionSheet that presents a list of selectable options to the user, and allows for including images.

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