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CategorySliderView screenshot


slider view for choosing categories. add any UIView type as category item view. Fully customisable

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CirucularLock screenshot


fully custumisable lock control with block based callbacks.

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StrechyParallaxScrollView screenshot


uiscrollview with strechy and parallax top view

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DroppyScrollView screenshot


Vertical scroll view with abilty to inserting subviews top or any index with stylish dropping animations

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MTCardLayout screenshot


Mimicking the behavior of the Passbooks apps in iOS using a custom UICollectionViewLayout.

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NFXPermissionViewController screenshot


If you use this library, the user put one cushion before the permission agreement.

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DBColorNames screenshot


Get descriptive color names from RGB color values. Uses data from the XKCD color survey available here: http://xkcd.com/color/rgb/

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WPAttributedMarkup screenshot


WPAttributedMarkup is a simple utility category that can be used to easily create an attributed string from text with markup tags and a style dictionary.

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GiFHUD screenshot


progress hud for displaying only animated gif images. no labels (for now)

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JBWebViewController screenshot


A drop-in modal web browser inspired by the current browser in the Facebook app on App Store. Works on both iOS 7 & iOS 8.

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