Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, July 09, 2012

Well, this was an exciting week for us over here. Saturday morning, an article I had been working on about building hybrid apps for iOS, and some of the advantages and disadvantages they present, went live. It ended up hitting #1 on Hacker News, and generated a great discussion both there and over here.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do and leave any comments you might have. We’d love to hear your thoughts.



Pepper UI is a non-identical clone of the famous UI in Paper by Fifty Three app with lots of customization options for practical usage. $69.99 for a commercial source code license.

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A UIViewController Category to display a ViewController as a popup with different transition effects. MIT licensed.

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MTDirectionsKit is a framework to draw routes inside your iOS App on top of MKMapView MTDirectionsKit is a full-featured, easy to use solution to show directions in your App, directly on top of MKMapView. Not only will your users thank you for not throwing them out of your App, it will also distinguish your App from all the others that don’t offer this functionality. $279.00 for a commercial source code license.

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A controller to import files (images, PDF, MSOffice, Zip, Video, etc.) from multiple sources, such as Image Library, iTunes shared folder, and cloud services like Dropbox and Cloud App, with early support for Microsoft SkyDrive. MIT licensed.

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Our control of the week, MusicPlayerViewController, is an iPhone view controller to visualize and control music playback. This is as good a clone of iOS’ Music app as I have ever seen. (Editor’s note: we blurred out the album cover used here in order to prevent the wrath of certain litigious entities from being turned upon us. The real screenshot looks much better…) BSD licensed.

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SLNumberPickerView is a control that presents a 3-digit number picker. It’s very customisable, highly themable, and very easy to use. MIT licensed.

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DAAnisotropicImage is an anisotropic UIImage generator. Specifically, for a metallic slider knob. It was built to be an imitation of the volume slider thumb image in Apple’s iOS 6.0 Music app. MIT licensed.

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DMSlidingCell is a simple Slide-To-Reveal implementation of UITableViewCell you can found in Twitter and many other applications. It uses blocks and Core Animation so it requires iOS 4.x or later. MIT licensed.

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