Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, September 03, 2012

Hello, welcome to another Cocoa Controls roundup, and—for all of you here in the United States—happy Labor Day! I hope you get to take the day off, do some barbecuing, and relax. Or at least hack on fun projects. I’ll probably be doing more of the latter :)

I posted a question on Twitter the other day that I wanted to ask here, too. We’re looking at doing some pretty nifty CocoaPods integration into Cocoa Controls, and I wanted to do a very informal survey of our users to see if this is something that would actually be useful for you before I dive in and start building it.

If you’re unfamiliar with CocoaPods, I highly recommend checking out their website. It’s a library dependency management tool for iOS apps that is relatively similar to Ruby’s Gem system. However, you may have noticed that CocoaPods lacks an equivalent to the fantastic Rubygems.org website. And that’s where I think we might come in.

If you’re reading this via the mailing list, please let us know at [email protected]! Also, please feel free to email us about anything else at any time, too. We always love hearing from folks who find the site useful.

If you’re reading this on the website, feel free to comment below, or shoot us an email. And also, do sign up for the mailing list! You’ll get to read the roundup a day before everyone else.



A fully-featured download manager and view controller. BSD licensed.

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Yet another calendar component for iOS. Compatible with iOS 4.0 (iPhone & iPad) and higher. PMCalendar supports selection of multiple dates within one or several months, could appear as a popover (if you used UIPopoverController before, you’ll find PMCalendar management very similar), supports orientation changes out of the box and does not require any third party frameworks. MIT licensed.

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An easy Location Manager framework. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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Chrome Progress Bar

A custom progress bar that mimics the style of Google Chrome. MIT licensed.

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jQuery-like animations in CoreAnimation for both iOS and OS X. MIT licensed.

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AngleGradientLayer is a CALayer implementation of an angle gradient. MIT licensed.

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KRFoldingViews is a really simple animation library that creates a folding or unfolding animation effect on your views. MIT licensed.

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A page control for the Mac whose usage is similar to that of UIPageControl for iOS. MIT licensed.

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If you’re a Hacker News reader, you might have already seen our control of the week, DLCImagePickerController. It’s an incredibly impressive image picker with live filters and blur effects. Make your photos look good in any app. Brought to you by Backspaces http://www.backspac.es. MIT licensed.

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iOS app using cocos2d animation to animate images like moving blocks

Apache 2.0 licensed.

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DMCircularScrollView allows you to create an endless paginated scrollview for your needs.

When creating paging functionality for your apps, there may be times that an infinite page loop would be desired.
For example, if you have a small gallery of photos you are displaying, you may want to swipe through the set and have it start back at the beginning once you reach the end.
The user would be able to continue swiping as much as they wanted in one direction to continue to view the content.

MIT licensed.

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OLGhostAlertView allows you to present a translucent view with a title and an optional message on the bottom of the screen. Use it to inform your user about temporary issues that do not require any immediate action and are not blocking the flow of your app.

OLGhostAlertView can have a title and an optional message, in a way similar to UIAlertView. It automatically fades out after a configurable time interval and, by default, can be dismissed with a tap. It can automatically adapt its size according to the device it’s being deployed on, user interface orientation and length of the strings passed to it.

Public Domain licensed.

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CRMultiRowSelect is a custom UITableViewCell for iOS that supports multiple row selection in a UITableViewController. It supports multiple mark colors and beauty Retina display graphics.

Everything is drawn with CoreGraphics

Apache 2.0 licensed.

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The SimpleSwitch is a custom switch, looks like the iOS UISwitch without the knob.It can be used as two-state-filter controller,too. You can custom it’s appearance,and titles.The SimpleSwitchDemo shows how to use it.

MIT licensed.

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