Control of the Week: Home

Aaron Brethorst, May 11, 2013


Facebook Home port for iOS.

This is an attempt to replicate essential elements of the Facebook Home experience in iOS as an app. The aim is to re-create features like Cover Feed with nothing but simple UIKit controls and the Facebook Graph API.

Working features:

  • Coverfeed. Supports posts of type photo (addedphotos/mobilestatusupdate/sharedstory) and status (picture/mobilestatusupdate/wall_post).

  • Double tap to like/unlike a post from Coverfeed.

View comments and add comments to a post.

  • Post to your own timeline.

  • Fake launcher that opens apps like Facebook Camera, Twitter, Instagram, Mail.

  • SSO to Facebook using iOS 6’s SocialFramework.

Video –

More details on project homepage –

MIT licensed.

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