Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, December 03, 2012

Hello, and welcome to another weekly roundup! We have two items of note this week:

  • CocoaPods support
  • Take a survey to help us know what you want and we’ll donate $5 to charity, or give you a free set of icons for iOS apps!

I don’t know if you heard the news, but we rolled out support for CocoaPods on Sunday night! I think this is a pretty big deal (not just because I wrote the feature!) because it lets you much more easily browse through CocoaPod-enabled UI components, and, more generally, browse through all available CocoaPods. There are a ton of little features left to add to this, and a number of directions in which we could take this, so please feel free to let us know about what direction you think this should move in. We always love to hear from you.

Hey, take our survey! We also want to hear from you on a few specific topics. We have a survey open now:


and we’d love to hear from as many of you as possible. Your answers help us better tailor the site and future content to your specific needs and desires. Also, survey respondents can also choose to get a free icon set or have Cocoa Controls donate $5 to charity:water, a non-profit dedicated to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. All for filling out a survey that should take you about five minutes. Not a bad deal, eh?


p.s. The iTunes Connect holiday shutdown is coming in less than three weeks. Better get your apps and updates submitted soon if you want them in the store before Christmas.


Our control of the week is GSDropboxActivity, written by Goo Software, creators of Zippity.

GSDropboxActivity is an iOS 6 UIActivity subclass implementing uploads to Dropbox.

CC BY 3.0 licensed.

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iOS project which closely mimics the behavior of the Apple Photos app including gestures for double taps and two finger taps as well as zooming and pinching which is more automatic. A single tap also hides the navigation controls so just the content is visible. Rotating to and from landscape is supported. BSD licensed.

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An high customizable alternative to UIPageControl. DMPageControl redefines exactly every property and methods available in standard UIKit’s UIPageControl. However you can customize it by setting additional properties as like dots diameter, on/off colors, element’s spacing and style. Finally you can also use custom UIImages as image for each state of the dot (take a look at the screenshot behind). It’s based upon an original work of Damien DeVille with DDPageControl at http://ddeville.me. License unspecified.

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This project is an Objective-C port of Dave Child’s awesome Text-Statistics project. Get stats regarding readability, syllables, and counts of words/sentences with just a Category on NSString. MIT licensed.

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Adds a linen pattern behind scrollviews like in Apple’s Lion apps. MIT licensed.

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Parallax viewcontroller with photo gallery at the top. License unspecified.

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Easy to use and highly customizable View that displays selector controls for (e.g.) UITableView Sections. This project is inspired by the iPads Address Book application. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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An image control that lets you compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ images side by side. MIT licensed.

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TTAlertView is a drop-in replacement for UIAlertView that allows the developer to customize the presentation of an alert. MIT licensed.

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You love GIFs right? so do I! Well, as you may know Apple’s implementation of UIImage doesn’t support animated GIFs (Booooooo!) and that’s what this classes are for. This classes are drop-in replacements for UIImage and UIImageView respectively. MIT licensed.

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A UIScrollView subclass with a parallax scrolling effect. BSD licensed.

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CNBaseView is a subclass of NSView that can show an icon and/or a text message if it has no subviews. Both, the icon and the message text are optional. If you keep it empty CNBaseView acts as a normal NSView. MIT licensed.

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