Weekly Roundup 10/17 - 10/23

Aaron Brethorst, October 25, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope that you’ve been keeping busy building new apps taking advantage of all the cool, new stuff in iOS 5.




This control is a double-headed slider, which allows you to easily select a range of values instead of a single, discrete value.

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Need to implement a spreadsheet-like view in your app? MFGridView is an easy-to-use grid control that allows you tons of control over its look and feel.

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This is a handy translucent number pad with built-in controls to hide itself and delete entered text.

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SSPhotoCropperViewController is a view controller that provides a simple and configurable way to crop and scale photos.

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ALBadgeView is a highly configurable badge view control with built-in support for auto-resizing, multiple colors and more.

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FTShare – an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails

FTShare is a simple way to share content in your app with Facebook, Twitter and via email.

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iVersion lets you inform your users of updates to your app from within the app itself.

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