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SDWellSegmentedControl screenshot


A drop-in remplacement for UISegmentedControl that mimic iOS 6 AppStore tab controls.

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Sonora screenshot


A minimal, beautifully designed music player for OS X 10.7

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Cheddar screenshot


Not exactly a control, but the full source code to Sam Soffes' Cheddar todo list app for iOS.

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TableKit.m screenshot


Easily create table views with a block-based syntax.

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AURosetteView screenshot


A good looking, animated share button.

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EBPurchase screenshot


EBPurchase adds simple In-App Purchase functionality to your iOS app. It wraps all of the necessary code for interacting with the StoreKit framework into a convenient little class, and provides you...

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RateStars screenshot


An App Store review liked, a rating view easily to use anywhere in the iOS App. RateStars provides a rating view, according to user tab on the stars, and present the selected image immediately, ...

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TSMiniWebBrowser screenshot


In-app web browser for iOS. There are already some solutions to this problem out there but non of them offers this features. First, this solution solves the well-known UIWebView bug that causes err...

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KNPathTableViewController screenshot


KNPathTableViewController is an UITableViewController with an customizable overlay panel that shows up when you scroll, inspired by Path app. It is meant to be simple and flexible that can be ea...

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FaceWrapper-iphone screenshot


Wrapper class to detect faces from, you will need an API key and API Secret which you can get in This controller implements a custom object called FWObject wh...

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LBGradient screenshot


LBGradient is "NSGradient" for iOS. I didn't feel like writing 10 lines for one gradient all the time so I wrote this.

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MultiContactsSelector screenshot


A fully customisable control to select telephone (but you can use it to select another data) as whatsapp application, it supports multiselection. Supports English and Spanish. Easy to use and cu...

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PhotoAppLink screenshot


PhotoAppLink is an open source library allowing your iOS photo app to launch other participating photo apps while passing along the current image. This will allow users to easily process an imag...

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CoreTextWrapper screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts.

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JMWhenTapped screenshot


Easily assign touch down, touch up, and tapped actions to UIViews using blocks.

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PTMapView screenshot


Cocoa class for drawing a world map like in Google Analytics. Authored by GitHub user dev2dev, this repo simply adds a sample project.

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MRMapView screenshot


An iOS library for displaying tiled maps with support for custom tile providers.

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BGHUDAppKit screenshot


BGHUDAppKit is a small framework designed to fill the gap left by Apple when they released the nifty HUD window but forgot to release their controls that match it.

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InAppSettingsKit screenshot


This iPhone framework allows settings to be in-app in addition to being in the Settings app.

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MAConfirmButton screenshot


MAConfirmButton is an animated subclass of UIButton that replicates and improves upon the behavior of the AppStore “Buy Now” buttons. Built and animated with Core Animation layers, it is completely...

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Snappy Slider screenshot

Snappy Slider

A subclass of UISlider that snaps to pre-specified values, or detents.

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Appirater screenshot


Appirater is a class that you can drop into any iPhone app that will help remind your users to review your app on the App Store.

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INAppStoreWindow screenshot


INAppStoreWindow is an NSWindow subclass that mimics the appearance of the main window in the Mac App Store application, with an enlarged titlebar and centered traffic lights.

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PSStoreButton screenshot


Flexible reimplementation of the iOS AppStore Button. No images are used - styling is done with a sublcassed UIButton and Layers. You can choose the color, default colors for AppStoreGreen, Blue...

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SSRatingPickerViewController screenshot


A simple view controller for rating stuff like App

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