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FSNetworkingSearchController screenshot


Search controller with suggest completion using Foursquare API following Instagram design.

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LRImageManager screenshot


Objective-C simple image manager with memory and disk cache support

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DFImageManager screenshot


Advanced iOS framework for loading, caching, processing, displaying and preheating images. It uses latest features in iOS SDK and doesn't reinvent existing technologies. It provides a powerful API that will extend the capabilities of your app. The DFImageManager is not just a loader, it is a pipeline for executing image requests using pluggable components. It features multiple subspecs that automatically integrate things like AFNetworking, FLAnimatedImage as a performant animated GIF engine, and more. Supported image formats: - WebP - Animated GIF - Progressive JPEG Includes UI components (DFImageView, UIImageView+DFImageManager, DFImageContainerView).

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DeckBrewWrapper screenshot


DeckBrew Wrapper is an wrapper for Deck Brew, a Magic the Gathering API. It consists of an API wrapper responsible for the network calls (DBAPIWrapper), requests classes (subclasses of the DBRequest class), and classes for cards and card sets (DBCard, DBCardEdition, and DBCardSet).

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GFPlaceholderView screenshot


Little library for place holding. It is useful for networking to show loading and displaying errors like Apple Apps!

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AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGET screenshot


Your GET request is in progress, then you make a new one asking for the same resource, better reuse it than creating a new one, right? This category adds the `uniqueGET` method to **AFHTTPSessionManager**, which is useful if you want to avoid making multiple calls at the same resource if the operation is still in progress. A common request between AFNetworking users. We achieve this by checking ongoing operations before creating new ones.

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MagicWrapper screenshot


Magic Wrapper is an Objective-C client/wrapper for M:tgDb, the Magic the Gathering open database project.

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Crackers screenshot


Simple network library in Swift, for iOS and OSX

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Sync screenshot


Sync eases your every day job of parsing a `JSON` response and getting it into Core Data. It uses a convention over configuration paradigm to facilitate your workflow. * Handles operations in safe background threads * Thread safe saving, we handle retrieving and storing objects in the right threads * Diffing of changes, updated, inserted and deleted objects (which are automatically purged for you) * Auto-mapping of relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many) * Smart-updates, only updates your `NSManagedObject`s if the server values are different (useful when using `NSFetchedResultsController` delegates) * Uniquing, Core Data does this based on `objectID`s, we use your remote key (such as `id`) for this

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NLRMashapeClient screenshot


Built on top of AFNetworking, NLRMashapeClient provides a simple and easy way to calling the APIs you choose on Mashape.

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NetAddressKeyboard screenshot


An iOS keyboard, that supports entering ip-values IPv4 and IPv6 to the UITextField for written in Objective-C for iOS7+.

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PKNetworkActivityController screenshot


A simple and lightweight network activity indicator controller written in Swift.

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MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit screenshot


MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit have multiple style check box, due with multiple line text, network photo, local photo, useful on news vote. 拥有对多种媒体类型进行勾选,比如本地图片、网络图片、本地文本,多用于新闻投票或者答题App里面。

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SANetworkTester screenshot


Quick and Easy way to check for active network connection using Blocks or Delegate on iOS devices

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RestKit-InExtensions screenshot


Helpers to use RestKit with less code, just a simple plist file.

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InstagramKit screenshot


A neat little blocks-based Objective C wrapper for the Instagram API. It readily parses the JSON responses on a background thread and does the dirty work for you so you just have to deal with Instagram model objects. Built atop AFNetworking.

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SBInstagram Viewer screenshot

SBInstagram Viewer

Easy Objective-C framework to show an instagram feed on iOS

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NetworkActivityIndicator screenshot


More easily interface with the network activity indicator in the status bar.UIApplication category and demo app.

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Doppio screenshot


An open source sample iOS app to find the nearest Starbucks store using NSURLSession, AFNetworking 2.0, Mantle and Starbucks private API.

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ALCurrencyLibrary screenshot


Simple library to convert a value from a specific currency to another. Contains a list of 162 constants representing the common currencies in the world

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BkTask screenshot


An asynchronous workflow library for iOS inspired by the Proactor and Reactor design patterns. It is designed with two concepts in mind, asynchronous and modular. Doing work asynchronously allows to keep your application responsive. But parallel programming is hard. On iOS, tools like GCD and NSOperation makes it much simpler but, for complex workflows it still takes time and resources to achieve. BkTask allows you to simply run workflows in background and be notified once it is done.

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