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iOS7 Barcode Scanner screenshot

iOS7 Barcode Scanner

(Editor: note the comments on the original source. Support your fellow iOS developers and buy the appropriate book: Added Settings Menu! ...

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RSCameraSwitcher screenshot


A pure code implementation of with beautiful animations.

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ABImageWrapper screenshot


Image wrapper for temporary and long-term image caching.

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FaceCamViewer screenshot


Displays a live camera window similar to FaceTime.

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Cam screenshot


A “keep it simple, stupid” approach to handling photo and video capture with AVFoundation.

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MAImagePickerController screenshot


MAImagePickerController is a flexible replacement of UIImagePickerController with support for filtering, editing, cropping and removing distortion from images.

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DDExpandableButton screenshot


A single-file iOS5+ class (ARC compatible) designed to be used like an expandable UIButton ; as seen in the iOS Camera app for the "flash" button.

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DLCImagePickerController screenshot


An image picker with live filters and blur effects. Make your photos look good in any app. Brought to you by Backspaces

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MotionJpegImageView screenshot


Generic UIImageView subclass designed to load and play Motion-JPEG streams such as commonly used with IP cameras, etc.

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ExpandyButton screenshot


As seen in camera app on iOS

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Camera Flash Toggle screenshot

Camera Flash Toggle

An example how to create a custom iPhone control, that looks like the new flash toggling ui element inside the default camera app (since 4.0).

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