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SGTabs screenshot


SGTabsViewController is a container view controller which shows tabs for each view like mobile safari does. This controls looks best on an iPad sized screen - You can add and remove tabs dynamically. - A user can rearrange open tabs as he likes. - Show and hide a toolbar - Show your viewControllers toolbarItems at the top - Everything is animated

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FullScreenAnimations screenshot


Shows an example of a Path 2.0-like book opening animation on application launch.

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CPSlider screenshot


CPSlider is a drop-in, subclass replacement for UISlider that allows varying scrubbing speeds as the user drags away from the slider thumb, emulating the slider used in the iOS iPod music player. It also includes delegate callbacks to allow an object to be notified of scrubbing speed changes.

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InspectorTabBar screenshot


Tab bar like in the Xcode inspector

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VSTabBar screenshot


A custom Tab Bar write from scratch VSTabBar is fully customizable: * All colors could be changed (Background, Foreground, gradient selection, current selection item, etc.), * Showing/Unshowing current selection, * Showing/Unshowing selection indicator gradient, * Showing/Unshowing title or/and image, * Showing/Unshowing separator between items In the most of case, you want to use a tabbar in bottom, but with VSTabBar you could set-up to be a topbar easily.

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XYOrigami screenshot


XYOrigami is an simple and easy-to-use view transition for iOS app. Inspired by HonCheng’s next train video, XYOrigami is a simpler version of folding transition. It is an add-on category of UIView, with two functions you can animate showing/hiding another view.

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iTellAFriend screenshot


iTellAFriend is an iOS toolkit for displaying a preconfigued mail composer with a "Tell a Friend" template in ios apps.

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NiftySearchView screenshot


A simple "route" Google Maps style search view which can be used mainly for "routing" Apps.

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TYIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


An Oink-like indeterminate progress bar.

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DHHighlightedWebView screenshot


Drop-in WebView subclass that adds Safari-style in-page search-result highlighting.

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NGTabBarController screenshot


A custom TabBarController which can be positioned on the bottom, top, left or top. Utilizes iOS 5 Containment API if possible, but works on iOS 4 too. The TabBar is fully customizable with a tintColor or background image as well as the possibility to show/hide the item highlight and the possibility to change the text colors, have image-only tabbar items etc.

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ZKRevealingTableCellView screenshot


A Sparrow-style Implementation of Swipe-To-Reveal.

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FSVerticalTabBarController screenshot


This project aims to replicate UITabBarController functionality and behavior, but with a vertical tab bar.

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CDPieMenu screenshot


Fully and easly customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. It rotates with inertia/momentum. Drawn using CoreGraphics without any images.

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LeveyPopListView screenshot


LeveyPopListView is an alternative to UIActionSheet that presents a list of selectable options to the user, and allows for including images.

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RBParallaxTableViewController screenshot


Simple demo app inspired by Path 2.0's use of a parallax effect in conjunction with a UITableView.

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OCCalendar screenshot


OCCalendar is a very simple component for iPhone/iPad that provides a "Popover" date picker controller. It is very easy to add to your project, and is 100% CoreGraphics code, so it uses no images, and is resolution independent.

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RNExpandingButtonBar screenshot


Inspiration for this button bar came from the app Path in which they practically removed the need for a UITabBar by adding a button in the bottom left. The goal with this widget is to replicate that functionality and give you the option of using buttons that animate in and out to reclaim some much needed UI space. The widget is designed to be highly portable and lightweight. Customization is simple, even if you want to tear up the source code. Forks and pull requests are much appreciated.

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ADVProgressBar screenshot


A custom progress bar that comes in multiple colours. It shows a display above the bar that depicts the amount of time left in percentages.

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FESSolarCalculator screenshot


Calculate sunrise, sunset, various dawn and dusk, and noon times for a given location and date. Works on both iOS and Mac OS X. Useful for determining day or night settings (night mode for a reading app, auto-enable flash for a camera app) in an app rather than using an arbitrary switch time.

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UICircularSlider screenshot


an iOS UISlider which displays value in a circle / pie.

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