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FlexibleRowHeightGridLayout screenshot


A UICollectionView grid layout designed to support Dynamic Type by allowing the height of each row to size to fit content.

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TypographyKit screenshot


📰Consistent & accessible visual styling on iOS with support for Dynamic Type.

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ScrollableHintView screenshot


Long press on UIView to show hint with scrolling.

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PAGestureAssistant screenshot


A drop-in UIViewController category for showing interaction tips and tutorials to users.

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Vangogh screenshot


Color blindness simulation in real time for iOS apps. Video demo is available at:

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SMAccessibilityOverlay screenshot


Tool for developers to visualize what voiceover users will "see" when using their apps.

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ShortcutRecorder screenshot


The best control to record shortcuts on macOS - Objective-C framework developed with Swift in mind - Easily stylable - Translated into 22 languages - Supports macOS Accessibility - Thoroughly documented and tested - Global and Local shortcuts for both key up and key down actions - Mac App Store approved - End-to-end Interface Builder integration

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