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FGRoute screenshot


FGRoute helps developers to get rid of dealing with WiFi interfaces.

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CustomeLocationPicker screenshot


Here is the customized control to pick any address from Google Map just like UBER or LYFT Apps You can get complete Address, Cit, Country, Latitude and Longitude.

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KPRGeocoder screenshot


This is a very simple to use geocoder which require limit amount of knowledge of address to lat long translation.

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EVContactsPicker screenshot


A Swift 3.0 contacts picker that can use the Addressbook or a custom data source, such as a core data model, or any user Model.

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Token Input View screenshot

Token Input View

The TokenInputView class implements the behavior for a scrollable, multiline text (Tokens) seperated by ','. The class supports the display of text using custom style information and also supports text editing. You typically use a TokenInputView to display multiple lines text, such as when displaying the body of a large list of emails adresses or list of user names. TokenInputView is a subclass of UITextView

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VeeContactPicker screenshot


A replacement for the (bugged) iOS ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, with contacts' images

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NWSTokenView screenshot


NWSTokenView is a flexible UIView subclass that shows a collection of objects in a similar manner to the Messages app.

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EPContactsPicker screenshot


A contacts picker component for iOS written in swift using new contacts framwork

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APPublicIP screenshot


Swift library to get the device's current public IP Address. Based on

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GooglePlacesSearchController screenshot


Google Places autocompleting address search controller

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APAddressBook screenshot


Easy access to iOS address book

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ZLPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


A drop-in contact picker that supports UILocalized​Indexed​Collation

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NetAddressKeyboard screenshot


An iOS keyboard, that supports entering ip-values IPv4 and IPv6 to the UITextField for written in Objective-C for iOS7+.

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FCIPAddressGeocoder screenshot


iOS Geocoder for geocode device IP Address location using GeoIP service(s) and a block-based syntax.

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NSString+EmailAddresses screenshot


An Objective C category to validate and fix common typos in email addresses. Significantly reduces signup issues and lost users in your iOS apps. Fixes misspelled variations for Gmail, Googlemail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Ymail. More domains can be added easily using a dictionary syntax. Some examples of bad email addresses that will be corrected: - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected] - [email protected] -> [email protected]

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VENTokenField screenshot


Easy-to-use token field that is used in the Venmo app.

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soofani-THContactPicker screenshot


An iOS view used for selecting multiple contacts. This was built to mimic the selecting contact functionality in the Apple Mail app with improved UI. Details: * Control now loads contacts from address book after requesting permission. * Added model class THContact * Used custom cell view for easier UI customization. * Added neat circular checkbox to the left side of the contact cell. * Added circular contact images. * Text filter field and table view resize using animation for smoother feel. * Bar button on the top right is disabled by default and enabled when there is at least 1 contact selected. * Keyboard is dismissed when tapping outside the filter text field. Forked from [THContactPicker](

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ButtonPeoplePicker screenshot


Button-style contact picker to select multiple people from the iPhone Address Book, with type-ahead and auto-completion.

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APAutocompleteTextField screenshot


Autocomplete text field. It works like Safari (iOS) or Chrome (iOS) search / address bar.

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TKAssignToContact screenshot


This controller lets you change pictures of people in your contacts.

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TKContactsMultiPicker screenshot


A customizable, simple controller for picking multiple contacts.

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