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CRMediaPickerController screenshot


January 30, 2015 • MIT License
An easy-to-use UIImagePickerController replacement for picking Images and Videos.
NSDictionary-ImageMetadata screenshot


June 04, 2014 • MIT License
NSDictionary+ImageMetadata and NSDictionary-MetadataDatasource are categories for working with image metadata provided by the ImageIO framework. Preparing a UITableView with image metadata can b...
TSAssetsPickerController screenshot


March 07, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
Highly customizable control used to select multiple assets (saved photos and videos) for use in your app. It works as *UIImagePickerController*, allows to browse all albums, select multiple assets ...
CTAssetsPickerController screenshot


September 30, 2013 • MIT License
CTAssetsPickerController is an iOS controller that allows picking multiple photos and videos from user's photo library. The usage and look-and-feel are just similar to UIImagePickerController. It u...
ASGallery screenshot


May 30, 2013 • MIT License
Photo Gallery control like in native "Photos" application. Zooming, caching, smooth background thread image preloading, video support
ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum screenshot


January 10, 2013 • MIT License
A nice ALAssetsLibrary category for saving images & videos into custom photo album.