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Conv screenshot


Conv smart represent UICollectionView data structure more than UIKit.

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WZQInstantSearch screenshot


An Algorithm For Instant Search

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SwiftCSP screenshot


SwiftCSP is a constraint satisfaction problem solver written in pure Swift (no Cocoa). It utilizes a simple backtracking algorithm with plans for future optimizations. At this stage of development, it's fairly slow but it includes examples of solving actual problems. It runs on both iOS and OS X.

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PathFindingForObjC screenshot


A Comprehensive PathFinding Library for Objective-C.

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Evolve screenshot


An Evolution Simulation Engine written in Objective-C.

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Kontaminate screenshot


A virus game for iOS with two artificial intelligence types and depth (min-max | alpha-beta). Made for iPhone 5 / iOS 6, fully working in iOS 7.

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A* Algorithm screenshot

A* Algorithm

A Star algorithm implementation for iOS

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EKAlgorithms screenshot


EKAlgorithms contains some well known CS algorithms and other stuff. EKAlgorithms is a gradually increasing bunch of algorithms in which some well known CS algorithms, data structures & others are implemented in Objective-C language.

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