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GradientAnimator screenshot


GradientAnimator helps to fill your view with vibrant gradient theme colours and animates them to give a stunning view to your application design

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MusicAppTransition screenshot


Custom interactive transition like Apple's Music App (over iOS 10). written in Swift.

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Movin screenshot


UIViewPropertyAnimator based View Transition Animator

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ViewAnimator screenshot


ViewAnimator brings your UI to life with just one line

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AKGPushAnimator screenshot


Easily Push and Pop Viewcontroller like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Apps with Interaction

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AAViewAnimator screenshot


AAViewAnimator is a set of animations designed for UIView, UIButton, UIImageView with options in iOS, written in Swift.

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YSLTransitionAnimator screenshot


a pinterest style transition animation

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RMPZoomTransitionAnimator screenshot


A custom zooming transition animation for UIViewController. RMPZoomTransitionAnimator provide a custom transition zooming animation. Not only UICollectionView, this is possible to use any other UIViewController transition. This transition animation is like the "Pinterest" animation, but this is very simple and small library.

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ARTransitionAnimator screenshot


ARTransitionAnimator is a simple class which custom UIViewController transition animation.

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JVTransitionAnimator - Transition Animator screenshot

JVTransitionAnimator - Transition Animator

This is a simple transition animator which allows you to perform some custom animation when presenting your view controllers. Very simple to use and setup.

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PathDynamicModal screenshot


A modal view using UIDynamicAnimator, like the Path for iOS.

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SwiperView screenshot


Swiper View is a class that provides simple and easy-to-use swipable view. Swiper View is a UIDynamics-based UIView subclass that provides multiple layers of UIViews with different visual effects. Swiper View consists of: - The view itself - Content view to which UIVisualEffects are applied - Topmost view (which is a content view) to which readable UI elements should be added - UIDynamicsAnimator that handles: * UICollisionBehavior that restricts movement of the content view * UIDynamicItemBehavior that restricts rotation of the content view * UISnapBehavior that attaches center of the content view with base view - UIPanGestureRecognizer that reacts on user interaction - UILabels for: * Left item * Right item * Text on topmost item

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SphereMenu screenshot


An interesting menu.

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PinterestAnimator screenshot


PinterestAnimator performs view controller transitions like the one in the Pinterest 3.0 app.

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UIDynamics Helpers screenshot

UIDynamics Helpers

This repository is filled with helper classes for UIDynamics. This currently includes an easy way to create very complicated UICollisionBehavior boundaries via pngs, and a class for tracing UICollisionBehavior boundaries on screen for testing purposes

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AIMBalloon screenshot


Example control showing how to use UIDynamicAnimator in iOS 7. In addition it shows how to create CAShapeLayer which reacts to gravity.

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