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Darky screenshot


Switch from Light Mode to Dark Mode on Mac OS easily directly from your Status Bar

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ImpressiveNotifications screenshot


ImpressiveNotifications are custom in-app notifications with 3 types of layouts. The notifications will animate in and out. They will hide when they are clicked on or with an automatic dismissal. I...

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DB6 screenshot


App Configuration via Plist, inspired by original DB5 library. By storing primitive values, fonts, styles for UI controls you can easily configure appearance of your app.

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PTPPlaceholderTextView screenshot


A simple naive implementation of UITextView subclass to support placeholder text rendering in UITextView

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DMAppearance screenshot


Allows to customize you model objects which are not UIKit's subclasses. Just like UIAppearance, it also keeps track of the custom styling to the concrete instances of you model objects and does no...

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WAYSourceListWindow screenshot


The WAYSourceListWindow is a NSWindow subclass, which splits the window space vertically into the master view on the left, and the detail view on the right side as known from apps like Reminders or...

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WAYWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that simplifies Yosemite exclusive features.

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MAThemeKit screenshot


MAThemeKit provides iOS developers the ability to create a coherent color theme throughout their entire application using a single line of code, removing the need to mess with the dozens of UIAppea...

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AppearanceMaker screenshot


Create custom appearances to customize your app's look with NSAppearance

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KVNMaskedPageControl screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UIPageControl that allows seamless transition between different dot styles, one for each page, using a masking effect.

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MZAppearance screenshot


UIAppearance proxy for custom objects basen on NSInvocation.

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ABMToolbox screenshot


iOS classes and categories for UIAppearance and UITableView

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WYPopoverController screenshot


Presentation of content in popover on iPhone / iPad devices. Very customizable.

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OSNavigationController screenshot


OSNavigationController is a open source re-implementation of UINavigationController. It currently features only a subset of the functionality of UINavigationController, but the long-term aim is to ...

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C360PopoverBackgroundView screenshot


A tintable UIPopoverBackgroundView subclass which mimics the system popover appearance

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LBActionSheet screenshot


A very customizable drop-in replacement for UIActionSheet.

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