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ARKit-Sampler screenshot


Code examples for ARKit.

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SamMitiAR-iOS screenshot


Ready-and-easy-to-use ARKit framework for the best user experience.

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BasketBallARKit screenshot


Hello Everyone, This project talks about basics of ARKit introduced by Apple in iOS11. Please note that ARKit is only capable wih devices which use A9, A10, A11 chips .It shows how to build a basic BasketBall app using ARKit. All written in Swift4.

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SmileToUnlock screenshot


Uses ARKit Face Tracking in order to catch a user's smile.

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ARSolar screenshot


Solar System with ARKit on Swift

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Animoji screenshot


Animoji Generator 🦊

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LetterAvatarKit screenshot


An extension that generates letter-based avatars

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ARPlayer screenshot


Playback videos by placing TV anywhere on the surface using ARKit and AVFoundation. Current version of ARPlayer has such features: playback control (pause, stop, next video, previous video), ability to scale and rotate media player, animatable and tactile interaction with playback controls, re-position of the media player within current horizontal plane, horizontal planes detection.

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iOS-11-by-Examples screenshot


Examples of new iOS 11 APIs

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MBCalendarKit screenshot


MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in UIKit. I've found existing implementations to be inadequate and difficult to work with, so I rolled my own. MBCalendarKit supports iOS 7+, and works with CocoaPods and Swift. This project also contains a set of useful categories on NSCalendar and NSDate, so you can easily do date comparisons and date manipulation. Clone the repo and check out the Categories folder.

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TabBarKit screenshot


A flexible Tab Bar implementation for iPhone and iPad.

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