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PlayIndicator screenshot


Animated PlayIndicator written in SwiftUI. Inspired by Apple's Music Player.

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SHAudioPlayer screenshot


Audio player that supports: Live audio streaming, HLS/m3u8/m3u audio streaming,Play from local audio file, Supports many audio codecs incluing mp3, Swift 5, Objective-C, iOS 9 and above, Manages playlist

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DisPlayers-Audio-Visualizers screenshot


DisPlayer is a customizable audio visualization component that works with recording and playing back audio files

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RangeControl screenshot


RangeControl is a UIControl element that allows selecting values in the range from min to max values. Could be used for video or audio tracks trimming.

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DSWaveformImage screenshot


Generate waveform images from audio files in iOS

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LiveFader screenshot


@IBDesignable Horizontal or vertical UIControl subclass that can start from bottom or middle of the control.

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Soundable screenshot


Soundable allows you to play sounds, single and in sequence, in a very easy way

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AudiomackSwiftWrapper screenshot


A wrapper library for Audiomack's API on iOS built in Swift

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VDSTextToSpeech screenshot


drag a single file to read everything.

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SpeechRecognizerButton screenshot


UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.

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Q-municate screenshot


The open-source cross-platform video calling and instant messaging app from QuickBlox!

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Peep screenshot


Easy Sound Generator 🐥

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Waveform Renderer screenshot

Waveform Renderer

Draws the output of audio playing in real time. Lightweight and easy to implement

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ATAudioWave screenshot


create wave forms from audio

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QuickbloxChat screenshot


Sample Application to create chat/group chat/audio/video calling/send audio, video,images attachments.

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Voice Recorder screenshot

Voice Recorder

Record voice using AVFoundation in swift 3.0

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FileExplorer screenshot


FileExplorer is a powerful iOS file browser with the possiblity to choose and remove files and/or directories

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Messenger screenshot


This is a native iOS Messenger app, making realtime chat conversations and audio calls with full offline support.

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XQAudioPlayer screenshot


You can play http audio very simple

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AudioEqualizer screenshot


AudioEqualizer in swift

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Recorder animation screenshot

Recorder animation

This control animates according to the pitch of the audio

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