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Audio and video player, breakpoint resuming playback, record played time, free watching limit, etc. 🎷

  • Support audio/video playback, midi file playback.
  • Support online play and local play.
  • Support background playback, audio extraction and playback.
  • Support video side-by-side play, segmented download, play and store.
  • Support breakpoint resuming and resuming playback, next time it is directly read and played from the buffer.
  • Support cache management, clear time period cache.
  • Support free look limit, automatically skip the opening and ending credits.
  • Support recording the last playing time.
  • Support auto play, auto continuous play.
  • Support random/repeat/sequential playback.
  • Support gravity sensor, full screen/half screen switch.
  • Support basic gesture operation, progress volume, etc.
  • Support lock screen.
  • Long press to fast forward and rewind and other operations.
  • Support double speed playback.
  • Support switching between different resolution videos.
  • Support live streaming media playback.