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MVCacher screenshot


Caches any data in Swift!

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Cacher screenshot


Super simple caching solution for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS

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SWEventsPrototypeApp screenshot


e-Where - The Events App - A useful Swift 3 prototype to quickly build out apps.

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Carthage-Cache screenshot


Simplest way to cache Carthage libraries.

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SRVideoPlayer screenshot


AVFoundation based video player, custom UI and easy to extend.

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SRPictureBrowser screenshot


A concise and elegant easy-to-use picture browser, the code is clear and easy to extend.

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SRCarouselView screenshot


A carousel view that only uses two UIImageView to achieve infinite carousel.

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Vulcan screenshot


Multi image downloader with priority in Swift

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HcdCachePlayer screenshot


A video player with cache

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November screenshot


A handy API to convert NSDate to NSString and back written in swift

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Cache screenshot


Nothing but Cache.

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URLEmbeddedView screenshot


URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol.

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SBCollectionView screenshot


This is simple CollectionView with downloading images and storing in cache using Swift...

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EVURLCache screenshot


a NSURLCache subclass for handling all web requests that use NSURLRequest

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Nuke screenshot


A powerful **image loading** and **caching** framework which allows for hassle-free image loading in your app. - Load images into image views and other targets - Image resizing, custom image transformations - Two [cache layers](, fast LRU memory cache - [Alamofire](, [Gifu](, [Toucan]( plugins - [Freedom to use](#h_design) networking, caching libraries of your choice - Automated [prefetching]( with [Preheat]( library - Simple, small (~1k sloc), [fast]( and reliable

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DFCache screenshot


Composite LRU cache with fast metadata built on top of UNIX extended file attributes

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Carlos screenshot


A simple but flexible cache

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DPImageCache screenshot


Swift extension for UIImageView. Help loading image asynchronously and store local file cache.

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SwiftMemCache screenshot


A Swift Memory Cache with namespace & TTL support

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DFImageManager screenshot


Advanced iOS framework for loading, caching, processing, displaying and preheating images. It uses latest features in iOS SDK and doesn't reinvent existing technologies. It provides a powerful API that will extend the capabilities of your app. The DFImageManager is not just a loader, it is a pipeline for executing image requests using pluggable components. It features multiple subspecs that automatically integrate things like AFNetworking, FLAnimatedImage as a performant animated GIF engine, and more. Supported image formats: - WebP - Animated GIF - Progressive JPEG Includes UI components (DFImageView, UIImageView+DFImageManager, DFImageContainerView).

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AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS screenshot

AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS

A sample project that demonstrates audio streaming and music caching from cloud storage using AVAssetResourceLoader, AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate, AVURLAsset, AVPlayerItem, AVPlayer. For more information read this tutorial:

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