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Soundable screenshot


Soundable allows you to play sounds, single and in sequence, in a very easy way

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Lumina screenshot


A camera designed in Swift for easily integrating CoreML models - as well as image streaming, QR/Barcode detection, and many other features

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TakeASelfie screenshot


An iOS framework that uses the front camera, detects your face and takes a selfie.

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FilterCam screenshot


A video capture framework that can easily apply your custom filters

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FilterCam screenshot


A video capture framework that can easily apply your custom filters.

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VideoAssetThumbView screenshot


Return a UIView with the thumb from AVAsset. Generate thumbs in a background thread. Also, you can cancel thumb generator when anytime.

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ARPlayer screenshot


Playback videos by placing TV anywhere on the surface using ARKit and AVFoundation. Current version of ARPlayer has such features: playback control (pause, stop, next video, previous video), ability to scale and rotate media player, animatable and tactile interaction with playback controls, re-position of the media player within current horizontal plane, horizontal planes detection.

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Swifty Sound screenshot

Swifty Sound

Swifty Sound is a simple library that lets you play sounds with a single line of code.

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HAPlayerView screenshot


HAPlayerView is a simple class to manage typical splash or login view, with a background video managed for interfce builder.

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Fusuma screenshot


Fusuma is a Swift library that provides an Instagram-like photo browser with a few line of code.

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AZSoundManager screenshot


Audio playing in iOS apps. Many useful audio actions, like playAtSecond, restart, and many others! Bonus: demo includes UI-ready audio components.

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AUMediaPlayer screenshot


AUMediaPlayer is a nice high level API for audio and video playback, both from network stream and local files.

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Cool-iOS-Camera screenshot


Cool-iOS-Camera is a customisable and modern camera implementation that resolution adaptable to all iOS devices. Features: - Extremely simple and easy to use - Customisable interface - Code-made UI assets that do not loose resolution quality & resize dynamically depending on the screen size of the device. - Added animations to the UI elements for a more intuitive and responsive feel. - Overlays over any presented view controller or view - Made for iPhone & iPad - Built for iOS 8

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KSHMosaicCamera screenshot


KSHMosaicCamera is camera capture application,it can Face recognition and with a mosaic effect.

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iOS Video Player screenshot

iOS Video Player

iOS ultimately video player, compatible to ipad as well as iphone with very cool UI themes

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TGCameraViewController screenshot


Custom camera with AVFoundation. Beautiful, light and easy to integrate with iOS projects.

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SmileViewController screenshot


UIViewController that allows to detect smile in real time (AVFoundation, CoreImage).

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AFSoundManager screenshot


iOS audio playing (both local and streaming) made easy through a complete and block-driven Objective-C class. AFSoundManager uses AudioToolbox and AVFoundation frameworks to serve the audio. You can pick a local file or you can use a URL to stream the audio, the choice is up to you.

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DBCamera screenshot


DBCamera is a simple custom photo camera with AVFoundation

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RMScannerView screenshot


Simple barcode scanner UIView subclass for iOS apps. Quickly and efficiently scans a large variety of barcodes using the iOS device's built in camera. RMScannerView is a UIView subclass for scanning barcodes in iOS applications. RMScannerView uses advanced barcode scanning built specifically for iOS. Scan both 2D and 1D barcodes such as PDF417, QR, Aztec, EAN, UPC, Code 128, etc. Get a barcode scanner up and running in your iOS app in only a few minutes

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ARSpeechActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that reads the shared NSString using AVSpeechUtterance

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