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RZVibrantButton screenshot


RZVibrantButton is a stylish button with iOS 8 vibrancy effect built using Swift. It is a subclass of UIButton that has a simple yet elegant appearance and built-in support for UIVisualEffectView a...

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ANBlurredTableView screenshot


Animated blur and tint background on UITableView scroll. - Customizable tint. - Animate between two different alphas for a darken or lighten effect. - Works in the background and animates in ...

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RNBlurredSideViewController screenshot


RNBlurredSideViewController is a side view controller with a dynamic blurred background effect when swiping similar to the iOS 7 control center. It can be used to show views on the side like the Fa...

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ANBlurredImageView screenshot


Animated blur-in and blur-out on UIImageView.

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UIImage-Helpers screenshot


UIImage category. Create a blurred images, take a screenshot, make a image with color...

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JWBlurView screenshot


Easy to use frosted/blurred views (using a UIToolbar) for iOS 7 - allows for creation with Storyboard or programmatically - able to apply subtle tint colors - can add subviews Note: Spin of...

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AMDraggableBlurView screenshot


Draggable blurred view. This control is inspired by the brilliant work of César Pinto Castillo's AMBlurView

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UIImage+BlurredFrame screenshot


UIImage+BlurredFrame is a UIImage category that blurs an specified frame of a UIImage

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RMBlurredView screenshot


Get an iOS 7 like blurred effect on your NSView with ease. Easy drop-in solution, that uses CAFilters, so you don't have to worry about FPS or other performance issues. Follow @raffael_me for si...

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