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AnimatedGradientView screenshot


Powerful gradient animations made simple for iOS.

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TheAnimation screenshot


Type-safe CAAnimation wrapper. It makes preventing to set wrong type values.

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DRAuraButton screenshot


A UIButton subclass that adds two rotating arcs around it. The button can change

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SwiflyOverlay screenshot


Yet another full screen navigation component, this time written in swift.

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CCAnimations screenshot


This is a set of custom animations build with CAAnimations

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LoginScreen screenshot


The project contain an login screen which was developed as test project, and then little bit modified and improved. The Login screen contain few UITextField for input login and password, three button for sign in via facebook/twitter/google plus (further in the text as the 'social btns'). If user tapped any text field, social btns will be hidden. Instead social btns will be showed button 'SIGN IN', for apply inputted data. All changes are animated. If tapped any social btns - will be hidden text fields, and instead showed brief info about selected account (avatar and user name). All changes are also animated. In this project represented only animation, little bit customizing UITextField appearance, and handling user interactions.

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RPLoadingAnimation screenshot


Loading animations by using Swift CALayer

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