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RRReactiveNetworking screenshot


Nested API calls by AFNetworking with reactive ObjC

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RRSwiftUIAPICalling screenshot


Alamofire API calling by RxSwift in SwiftUI

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iOS-Webservice screenshot


Simple way to communicate with API server (web service calling architecture) through less code. Easy to implement web service request and response for API communication architecture, no more third ...

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QuickbloxChat screenshot


Sample Application to create chat/group chat/audio/video calling/send audio, video,images attachments.

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Country List screenshot

Country List

Provides a View Controller with Country List along with Calling Code and Country Code.

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HMDiallingCode screenshot


HMDiallingCode gets the dialling code of the user's current location. It uses CoreLocation and reverse geocoding to determine the country of the user, then retrieve it's international dialling code...

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