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Self-Sizing Collection View screenshot

Self-Sizing Collection View

The collection view is a great UI element but it doesn't handle elements with various content sizes elegantly. JMCFlexibleCollectionLayout based on customizable parameters like spacing between cell...

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Sapporo screenshot


cellmodel-driven collectionview manager

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between-kit screenshot


A robust drag-and-drop framework for iOS.

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YRCoverFlowLayout screenshot


Simple cover animation flow layout for collection view.

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JSQDataSourcesKit (Swift) screenshot

JSQDataSourcesKit (Swift)

Type-safe, value-oriented data source objects that keep your view controllers light. Written in Swift. Data sources for UITableView, UICollectionView, and NSFetchedResultsController.

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Form screenshot


Form came out from our need to a form that could share logic between our iOS apps and our web clients, we found that JSON was one way to achieve this. Form includes the following features: - ...

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HTKDragAndDropCollectionViewLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout subclass that works together with a custom UICollectionViewCell to provide drag and drop for a UICollectionView. Works just like UITableView drag and drop. What's unique abou...

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MSTabbedView screenshot


MSTabbedView is a control for populating any number of views inside a tabbed view. All you need to do is to pass the views to the MSTabbedView object.And many other customizable properties.

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MYNStickyFlowLayout screenshot


Drop-in sticky headers and footers for UICollectionView.

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VPStickyHeaderCollectionView screenshot


Collection view sticky header implementation in Swift

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MPParallaxCollection screenshot


a collection view layout + cell that can do something percent driven ( parallax for image + custom) A collection view layout and a cell subclass usefull to made parallax of an image during the s...

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MPSkewed screenshot


A super-cool collection view cell and layout inspired by

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CalendarStyle screenshot


Calendar component for iOS apps

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KKColorListPicker screenshot


Color list picker for iOS > 7.0 with Crayola colors

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JNWCollectionView screenshot


A highly customizable and performant collection view for the Mac.

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Collection View screenshot

Collection View

A simple collection view modeled after UITableView and NSCollectionView.

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