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ContactsChangeNotifier screenshot


May 04, 2023 • MIT License
Which contacts changed outside your iOS app? Better CNContactStoreDidChange notification: Get real changes, without the noise.
PermissionWizard screenshot


November 18, 2020 • MIT License
🔮 An ultimate tool for system permissions management
PhoneNumberKit screenshot


November 26, 2019 • MIT License
A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber.
ContactsSuggestionTextField screenshot


December 09, 2018 • MIT License
UITextField subclass for seamless contacts access
SwiftMultiSelect screenshot


August 09, 2017 • MIT License
A tableview with graphical multi selection (contacts from PhoneBook or items from custom lists)
ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


March 09, 2017 • MIT License
ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality
ContactsWrapper screenshot


December 28, 2016 • MIT License
Contacts wrapper for iOS 9 or upper.
EVContactsPicker screenshot


October 15, 2016 • MIT License
A Swift 3.0 contacts picker that can use the Addressbook or a custom data source, such as a core data model, or any user Model.
Token Input View screenshot

Token Input View

July 25, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
The TokenInputView class implements the behavior for a scrollable, multiline text (Tokens) seperated by ','. The class supports the display of text using custom style information and also supports ...
MEVHorizontalContacts screenshot


July 08, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
An iOS UICollectionViewLayout subclass to show a list of contacts with configurable expandable items.
JFCardSelectionViewController screenshot


July 04, 2016 • MIT License
A fancy collection style view controller
VeeContactPicker screenshot


June 28, 2016 • MIT License
A replacement for the (bugged) iOS ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, with contacts' images
UIImageView-AGCInitials screenshot


June 27, 2016 • MIT License
An UIImageView category that allows to set an image containing the initials of a contact's name on a colored background. The color of the background is the same for identical names.
NWSTokenView screenshot


June 23, 2016 • MIT License
NWSTokenView is a flexible UIView subclass that shows a collection of objects in a similar manner to the Messages app.
EPContactsPicker screenshot


November 11, 2015 • MIT License
A contacts picker component for iOS written in swift using new contacts framwork
WCSContactPicker screenshot


September 19, 2015 • Apache 2.0 License
iOS 9 Contact picker — Apples replacement for the AddressBook framework.
APAddressBook screenshot


May 29, 2015 • MIT License
Easy access to iOS address book
CLTokenInputView screenshot


February 18, 2015 • MIT License
CLTokenInputView is an almost pixel perfect replica of the input portion iOS's native contacts picker, used in and when composing a new message. NOTE: It does not provide t...
RSKImageCropper screenshot


September 19, 2014 • MIT License
A nice simple circular image cropper called RSKImageCropper. RSKImageCropper is inspired by the contacts app supports both portrait and landscape orientations and the double tap to reset gesture. ...
soofani-THContactPicker screenshot


April 17, 2014 • MIT License
An iOS view used for selecting multiple contacts. This was built to mimic the selecting contact functionality in the Apple Mail app with improved UI. Details: * Control now loads contacts fro...