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LNPopupUI screenshot


A SwiftUI wrapper for LNPopupController framework

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ContainerController screenshot


UI Component. This is a copy swipe-panel from app: Swift version

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ADOverlayContainer screenshot


iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces

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ContainerView screenshot


ContainerView is designed to add a cool swim from the bottom to the animation with the effect of scale, controlled by the help of a gesture, scrollView also takes control. The idea is taken from th...

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TabBarPageController screenshot


A container view controller for iOS that manages navigation between pages of content using a tab bar.

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PagingKit screenshot


PagingKit provides customisable menu & content UI. PagingKit has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries. You can construct "Menu" and "Content" UI, and they work together. That...

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DTContainerController screenshot


A Swift container view controller to handle transitioning to a different child view controller.

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SwiftyPageController screenshot


SwiftyPageController will be helpful to use in many pages controller

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PGTabBar-Swift screenshot


provide simple tab protocols and TabContianer. just implements protocols with your custom class with tabcontainer.

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RDGliderViewController screenshot


Control in Objective-C for a draggable ViewController gliding over another ViewController. RDGliderViewController is a view controller that manages a scrollable view using one side as a sliding ...

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PIPContainer screenshot


An easy to use interface for picture-in-picture on macOS 10.12 and later

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INSPersistentContainer screenshot


Open Source, 100% API compatible replacement of NSPersistentContainer for iOS8+

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EVTopTabBar screenshot


A custom PageViewController for iOS with the tab bar control at the top. Swipe in bar at the top or tap the labels (contacts/events ) to change tabs.

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YSLDraggableCardContainer screenshot


dragging card. like tinder

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View container screenshot

View container

Multiple controller cards container

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LESliderController screenshot


Another container controller, to display controllers via tap/pan gesture with a nice and different animation.

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LNPopupController screenshot


LNPopupController is a framework for presenting view controllers as popups of other view controllers, much like the Apple Music and Podcasts apps. Once a popup bar is presented with a content vi...

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FlexSlidingView screenshot


FlexSlidingView iOS SDK implements flexible sliding of a view above another view where all views are managed by UIViewControllers

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SCSafariPageController screenshot


A page view controller component that reproduces Mobile Safari's tab switching behavior

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XLSlidingContainer screenshot


XLSlidingContainer is a custom container controller that embeds two independent view controllers allowing to easily maximize any of them using gestures.

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ALAccordion screenshot


ALAccordion is an accordion style container view for iOS that manages a set of expandable/collapsable content sections. When a section opens, it consumes the full screen.

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SlidingContainerViewController screenshot


An android scrollable tab bar style container view controller

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RMPScrollingMenuBarController screenshot


RMPScrollingMenuBarController has a scrollable menu bar, and multiple view controllers.

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YSLContainerViewController screenshot


A page scrolling container viewcontroller.

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PopupContainer (Swift) screenshot

PopupContainer (Swift)

PopupContainer is a library written in swift that allows users to show any UIView as a UIAlertView. PopupContainer takes care of presentation, dismiss, animations and positioning of your UIView, in...

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