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LNPreviewToContextMenu screenshot


LNPreviewToContextMenu is a framework for automatically transforming your existing 3D Touch Peek&Pop preview controllers and actions into the new UIContextMenu system in iOS 13.

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JonContextMenu screenshot


A beautiful and minimalist arc menu like the Pinterest one, written in Swift

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Sheeeeeeeeet screenshot


Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for custom action sheets.

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BackgroundCoreDataSwift4 screenshot


This Project looks like nothing in the UI but it covers an important and complex topic in CoreData , i.e, writing data to Database in background thread so that UI does not get blocked. It uses Swift4 with a lot of reduction in boilerplate code. It also implements using a single managedobjectcontext.

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GNAContextMenu screenshot


The context menu, which appears when user long press on some location on the screen. Simple and easy solution, that contains methods for customising the control.

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OctagonTransitioning screenshot


A simple project which demonstrate similar type 3d cube animation - octagon. Octagon transitioning navigation animation between controllers in UINavigationController

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KCCScrollViewContext screenshot


KCCScrollViewContext provides additional UIScrollView state and expands upon UIScrollViewDelegate messaging while maintaining compatibility with existing UISScrollViewDelegate implementations. • accessors like isScrolling, isAnimating, and current scrolling direction (UIRectEdge)
 • accessors to contentOffset values during scrolling events (scrollingBeganOffset , expectedScrollingEndOffset, scrollingEndedOffset)
 • additional delegate callbacks with content offsets for ‘will scroll’ (calculated) and ‘did scroll’ (actual), 
 • additional delegate callbacks for ‘will scroll’ and ‘did scroll’ events with content edge detection (UIRectEdge) and scrollview bounce events.
 • completion block handlers for UIScrollView’s built in animated methods (setContentOffset:animated: / scrollRectToVisible:animated:)
 • additional zooming callbacks when the user initiates zooming at and past the minimum or maximum zoom scale.
 • UIScrollViewDelegate (UITableViewDelegate etc..) methods are forwarded to the original delegate (such as UITableViewController).

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CKSRecordContext screenshot


Interaction with CloudKit Records done right !

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DNFlyingBadge screenshot


DNFlyingBadges is an easy to use and fun control for quick contextual user notification. Rather than the traditional loading or alert that often covers the view and requires user interaction DNFlyingBadges are quick and contextually relevant indicators that can be customized for a variety of situations using a single library.

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ASFloatingHeadersFlowLayout screenshot


High performance implementation of CollectionView Flow Layout for Sticky/Floating headers behavior like in table view. Used new iOS7/8 features with partial invalidation.

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JSQCoreDataKit (Swift) screenshot

JSQCoreDataKit (Swift)

A swifter Core Data stack

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CLOverlayKit screenshot


This is an iOS class that elegantly presents Overlay Menus and other contextual UI overlays.

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YALContextMenu screenshot


Awesome animated context menu for iOS

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VLDContextSheet screenshot


Context menu similar to the one in the Pinterest iOS app. Supports iOS 7+.

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MTZRadialMenu screenshot


A radial menu for iOS, like the one introduced in Messages for iOS 8.

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GHContextMenu screenshot


Pinterest like context menu control for iOS

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MSCMoreOptionTableViewCell screenshot


Drop-in solution to achieve the "More" button in an UITableView's "swipe to delete"-menu by extending Apple's own implementation and not rewriting it, so UITableView's standard behavior isn't changed. * Fully compatible to iOS 7 & iOS 8 * The "More" and "Delete" buttons are customizable through a configuration block and delegate methods * Compatible to Storyboards (see included demo project) * Also available on Cocoapods

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DAContextMenuTableViewController screenshot


A UITableViewController subclass with "more" accessory view, that looks and behaves similarly to the one in the native mail app.

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Pie Menu screenshot

Pie Menu

A pie menu implementation specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch

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