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NSView-ESSViewCategory screenshot


a category on NSView that simplifies zoom-transitioning between two NSViews

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PathMenu screenshot


Path 4.2 menu using CoreAnimation in Swift. Inspired by

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Anim screenshot


Animation library, using Core Animation. Designed for iOS. In Swift.

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INTUAnimationEngine screenshot


INTUAnimationEngine makes it easy to build advanced custom animations on iOS. INTUAnimationEngine provides a friendly interface to drive custom animations using a CADisplayLink, inspired by the ...

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CHCircleGaugeView screenshot


A configurable chart that depicts the value of a measurement using a subtle animation.

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TWRProgressView screenshot


A custom view component that lets the user easily present a progress view masked with an image containing an alpha channel (i.e. PNGs). The view's progress can be animated; foreground and backgroun...

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BCSliderView screenshot


Animatable Slider View for iOS

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KBPopupBubble screenshot


Twitter-style popup bubbles with dynamic, animated pointer arrows.

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CoreImageTransition screenshot


A sample app for transition effects using Core Image, including a useful helper class.

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JNWAnimatableWindow screenshot


Custom NSWindow animations use a CALayer.

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FlipTransform screenshot


Animation component for the effect of flipping as in a news/clock ticker, or a page turn. Structured around the idea of a data object (i.e. headline in news, number in a clock, page in a book) a...

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QuadCurveMenu screenshot


Path 2.0-style menu with animation group.

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Core Animation Demos screenshot

Core Animation Demos

A collection of 13 incredibly cool Core Animation demos for iOS.

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