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UICollectionViewSlideLeft screenshot


A UITableView Swipe to Delete implementation in UICollectionView.

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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PEAR-CoreDataManager-iOS screenshot


This ios library can be to create and manage the CoreData.

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ABMenuTableViewCell screenshot


Solution for using your own custom view as a menu in an UITableView’s “swipe to delete”-menu gesture. Version 2.0.0 features improved transitions, bug fixes and iOS 9 support. - compatible with iOS 7.x or newer, including iOS 9 - demo project included

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TQTableViewCellRemoveController screenshot


A table view cell remove animation with FBPOP

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KEYPullDownMenu screenshot


A pull down menu, similar to notification center on iOS that supports an unlimited number of items. Items can either be selected, deleted or reordered. The control is aimed at providing context for switching data within the same view controller.

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LSSwipeToDeleteCollectionViewLayout screenshot


The UICollectionViewLayout subclass adds swipe to delete functionality to a collection view. Works for horizontal and vertical layouts

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MSCMoreOptionTableViewCell screenshot


Drop-in solution to achieve the "More" button in an UITableView's "swipe to delete"-menu by extending Apple's own implementation and not rewriting it, so UITableView's standard behavior isn't changed. * Fully compatible to iOS 7 & iOS 8 * The "More" and "Delete" buttons are customizable through a configuration block and delegate methods * Compatible to Storyboards (see included demo project) * Also available on Cocoapods

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YFJLeftSwipeDeleteTableView screenshot


Drop-in UITableView subclass that supports left-swipe cell deletion like in iOS7. (works both in iOS6 and iOS7)

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NLImageShowcase screenshot


ImageShowcase is a UIView subclass. It can be easily integrated to any application and almost everything is customizable to fit into any App.Some of its features are, Customizable layout with configurable, Thumbnail Size, Thumbnail Row & Column Spacing, Top and Left Spacing. It has a stand alone independent Image Viewer as well. It has optimized thumbnail generation technique which resize and then crop an image to fit into size defined. When user touch-and-hold (long press) thumbnail the delete view with springboard animation is activated.

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ABPersonViewController+Delete screenshot


ABPersonViewController category with address book contact deletion (default ABPersonViewController only allows editing, not deletion).

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