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RPAppBoard screenshot


RPAppBoard provides a painless drop-in solution for publicizing your other apps from one view controller. Add your apps' info into the included plist file, drop in the app icons, and you're set. RP...

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WaveLabelDemo screenshot


波浪经过文字,文字改变颜色。Waves pass through words, and words change colours.

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VNHexKeyboardDemo screenshot


It's simple view that can be used as inputView for HexKeyboard.

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BasketBallARKit screenshot


Hello Everyone, This project talks about basics of ARKit introduced by Apple in iOS11. Please note that ARKit is only capable wih devices which use A9, A10, A11 chips .It shows how to build a basic...

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VNTankViewDemo screenshot


VNTank View can be used to fill tank with different colour.

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ABWebView screenshot


A utility control which is using fast WKWebView in replacement of UIWebView which is introduced in iOS8. Just set URL to load and it will do the rest. Very easy to implement. This is very useful wh...

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DemoInPutPasswordView screenshot


A input password demo like wechat pay. 仿微信支付密码输入框

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KOutlookCalanderDemo screenshot


A Control which can be used to access Outlook calendar events and also can add new events to Outlook Calendar. Fetching Events and Adding events is performing by code only. No UI is there. So, plea...

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VRDemo-Swift screenshot


VRDemo-Swift is a 360-degree video player demo which achieved use Swift3.0 and OpenGL ES.

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LineAndPieChartDemo screenshot


Use Bezier Paths to draw a simple Pie chart and Line Chart

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KConfigurableCollectionViewDemo screenshot


You can fully configure your collection view to handle number of items in a row.

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FTChatMessageDemoProject screenshot



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OnboardingKit screenshot


A simple and interactive framework for making iOS onboarding experience easy and fun!

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HXInternationalizationDemo screenshot


App Internationalization demo. No need to restart the APP does not follow the system language

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KScrollableTopMenuDemo screenshot


A very simple demo with menu bttons on top of the view which can be scrolled very easily

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OceanView screenshot


OceanView is a demo project representation of the sea. It's written in pure swift.

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DYSwitchXDemo screenshot


DYSwitchX is a iOS UISwitch like for Mac OS X

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DYAlertPickerViewDemo screenshot


AlertView with PickerView and Switch

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DropdownViewDemo screenshot


This is a simple control that allows see the bottom view by sliding the upper view pressing the button. Double tap on the button unfold (or folds) the upper view.

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JVTouchEventsWindow - Show Touches screenshot

JVTouchEventsWindow - Show Touches

This is a simple UIWindow subclass to allow display/show tap/touches events in your applications.

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CloudKit-Demo screenshot


You can simply and easily take a look at CloudKit features and API on Objective-C or Swift.

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