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FlappyBird screenshot


Demonstrate using SpriteKit, external displays, and remote event control.

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DisPlayers-Audio-Visualizers screenshot


DisPlayer is a customizable audio visualization component that works with recording and playing back audio files

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MMTextureChat screenshot


AsyncDisplayKit(Texture) Chat Simulation

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AvatarImageView screenshot


AvatarImageView is a customisable subclass of UIImageView that is designed to show users' profile pictures. It falls back to the user's initials with a random background color if no profile picture...

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DisplaySwitcher screenshot


Custom transition between two collection view layouts

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PanelController screenshot


Controller component to add panels on both side of the screen.

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Splitflap screenshot


A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications

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JTProgressHUD screenshot


JTProgressHUD is the new HUD designed to show YOUR views (eg. UIImageView animations) in the HUD style with one line of code. You can see many HUDs with easy implementation, but the idea is that yo...

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ManualLayout screenshot


Easy to use and flexible AutoLayout alternative for iOS 8+. Supports AsyncDisplayKit.

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LoadingImageView screenshot


Loading Indicator for UIImageView. Handles network calls and background thread image decoding. Customizable and with full support for Interface Builder pod 'LoadingImageView'

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GPaperTrans screenshot


Yet another UICollectionView layout transitions inspired by Facebook Paper App written in Swift.

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INTUAnimationEngine screenshot


INTUAnimationEngine makes it easy to build advanced custom animations on iOS. INTUAnimationEngine provides a friendly interface to drive custom animations using a CADisplayLink, inspired by the ...

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BTSpiderPlotterView screenshot


Simple and cool way to plot your data in the spider web

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CRPixellatedView screenshot


Custom UIView subclass with a cool pixellated animation inspired by Facebook's Slingshot app.

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UITableViewController-Containment-Demo screenshot


This is a sample project showing how to contain a UITableViewController in another VC with a Search Bar + Display Controller working as if it were all in a UITableViewController.

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MessageDisplayKit screenshot


A messages UI for iPhone and iPad,You can send txt, voice, image,video,emotion .etc messages. like WeChat App.

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MDSearchBarController screenshot


A custom search controller.

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