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G8 Theme Manager screenshot

G8 Theme Manager

G8 allow to centralize themes and apply styles to your interface and your UIKit objects. Define uniform styles for all your labels, buttons and other views and apply them when you need.

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R.swift screenshot


Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects

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AALocalizationKit screenshot


AALocalizationKit is really helpful to maintain multiple languages in the application with their custom language fonts and an ability to change the language within your application!

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EFIconFont screenshot


Yet another stupid wrapper of icon font.

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TypographyKit screenshot


📰Consistent & accessible visual styling on iOS with support for Dynamic Type.

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AwesomeBadge screenshot


a view class as Like a badge using fontawesome 5.

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Sizes screenshot


View your app on different device and font sizes

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AVFonts screenshot


AVFonts is for doing anything you want to do with fonts throuhout app.You can swap/chang the font you are using with the new font throughout the app.You can increment or decrement your fontsize as per your reqiurements otherwise it will take the fontsize you are using for your old font.

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NSJFontResizingUITextView screenshot


The UITexfield can adjust its font size from a max value to a min value dynamicaly with its text. NSJFontResizingUITextView implements the same for UITexView.

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Giotto screenshot


Theme manager for your app: apply styles to anything you want through a plist file

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LGButton screenshot


A fully customisable subclass of the native UIControl which allows you to create beautiful buttons without writing any line of code.

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UIFontComplete screenshot


Make working with UIFont faster and less error-prone.

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Inkwell screenshot


In brief, Inkwell is a font library to use custom fonts on the fly. Inkwell takes responsibilities for: - Downloading fonts from Google Fonts or custom resources. - Registering custom fonts to the system. - Loading and using custom fonts dynamically and seamlessly.

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DynamicTypeSupportInSwift screenshot


An easy control which support both system and custom fonts with dynamic type. Dynamic type is changing the font size of your app when user changes the font size of system from the settings. It allows the end user to specify their preferred text size from the device settings and is an important feature for making apps accessible to more users.

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AttributedTextView screenshot


Easiest way to create an attributed UITextView with support for multiple links.

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FontDownload screenshot


Download the Font. Demonstrates how to download fonts on demand on iOS 6 and later. On iOS 6, we have added the capability for applications to download fonts on demand. Besides the fonts installed with iOS 6, applications can install a list of additional fonts as necessary. This list of additional fonts can be found in the following article:

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DTFont screenshot


DynamicTypeFont helper. Easy creation, custom font, auto update etc.

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OcticonsKit screenshot


Use Octicons as UIImage / UIFont in your projects with Swifty manners.

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IoniconsKit screenshot


Use ionicons as UIImage / UIFont in your projects with Swifty manners.

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PaymentFont screenshot


PaymentFont iOS framework

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Goya screenshot


An easy way to set styles to any UIResponder from the Interface Builder written in Swift

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