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Google Places Picker screenshot

Google Places Picker

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LocationRequestManager screenshot


This library was created with the intention of simplify the use of CLLocationManager. LocationRequestManager is a wraper for CLLocationManager which handle a set of LocationRequest. For each reques...

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GPSafeSwiftPointer screenshot


A framework containing a safe wrapper for UnsafeMutablePointer with integer to byte array generics.

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SwiftLocation screenshot


SwiftLocation is a simple 100% Swift wrapper around CoreLocation. Use Location services has never been easier and you can do it with your favourite language. Let me show the best features of the li...

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SMLElevationView screenshot


View for displaying elevation profile of trip.

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HACLocationManager screenshot


This class allows you to conveniently manage the tedious process backwards compatibility in location between iOS7 and iOS 8

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GeoPointCompass screenshot


A simple compass that points towards the direction of a custom geo-location that you can specify by providing latitude and longitude of the location.

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INTULocationManager screenshot


INTULocationManager makes it easy to get the device's current location on iOS.

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Weather Around (YQL DEMO) screenshot

Weather Around (YQL DEMO)

Weather Around (YQL Demo) application is to show how to use YQL in iOS and parse and display data from JSON format. Also, it include sample for GPS location. User can input multiple cities name to ...

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SOMotionDetector screenshot


Simple library to detect motion type (walking, running, automotive)

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DBCompass screenshot


DBCompass helps you to develop iOS apps in which you need to determine the heading of the user's phone (refered to a coordinate) or the distance between the user and a given location. It offers ...

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Model and API Loader realization for website. Using its methods you can load GPS coordinates of minibuses on the route. Project includes demo application and testing code.

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MTLocation screenshot


A Framework to add convenience-stuff for easier coping with CoreLocation/MapKit on iOS. It includes a custom UIBarButtonItem mimicing the Locate-Me-Button of the built-in Google Maps App

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