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Snakey-List screenshot


An Instagram like collection layout supporting drag and drop.

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SNCollectionViewLayout screenshot


Collection View Layouts is a set of custom flow layouts for iOS which imitate general data grid approaches for mobile apps

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GridView screenshot


Reusable GridView with excellent performance and customization that can be time table, spreadsheet, paging and more.

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GLAssetGridViewController screenshot


GLAssetGridViewController is an asset view controller, like an picture picker and video picker , also has an browser .

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GalleryView screenshot


This is gallery view with next and previous button also user can scroll horizontally, Also implement Chronological Order functionality.

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HKKScrollableGridView screenshot


HKKScrollableGridView is a variant of UITableView looks like MS Excel sheet. It supports horizontal scrolling, vertical and horizontal fixed area.

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ReorderableGridView (Swift) screenshot

ReorderableGridView (Swift)

Reorderable grid view solution implemented with Swift. It's a UIScrollView subclass, not a collection view layout.

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NVCalendar screenshot


NVCalendar is simply 2*2 view to display months,you can click on any date with beautiful animation.

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MSGridView screenshot


A grid of grids iOS component with cell recycling equivalent to a UITableView

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REDPuzzleGridView screenshot


A word puzzle board control, similar to Ruzzle's letter board Video:

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UzysGridView screenshot


UzysGridView is simple GridView iOS Component in which you can easily change cell positions and delete cells. UzysGridView features: * Move cells to other pages * Portrait and landscape or...

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Swipe-to-Select-GridView screenshot


A example project to make a swipe-to-select GridView based on UICollectionView It allows user to swipe to select multiple items.

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ADBGridView screenshot


ADBGridView inherits from UITableView and is populated with ADBImageViews (repository). Number of images for row (cells) can be customized. UITableView is inherited to use cell reuse facility.

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IAInfiniteGridView screenshot


Infinite grid view with UITableView-esque data source methods. If you want to have an infinite scroll view with our own grids, just drag IAInfiniteGridView, set and implement its data source, and y...

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BDDynamicGridViewController screenshot


Data-aware view controller that displays a UIView list (typically, UIImageView list) in a row-dominated grid layout. This class automatically lay out the UIViews with help from a delegate class (wh...

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NGVaryingGridView screenshot


A GridView which allows to set individual Rects for the Cells. So you can define Cells with different Sizes, used for e.g. in Timetables, EPGs, etc. Similar to the UI used in Hipmunk.

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GMGridView screenshot


An iOS Grid-View allowing the user to sort the views in the scrollView and also to see the views in fullsize by pinching them. This view is inspired by the UITableView and uses a datasource and d...

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SESpringBoard screenshot


SESpringBoard is a simple and super easy to use springboard (launcher) view for to use in your iPhone apps.

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KKGridView screenshot


High-performance grid view for iOS.

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DTGridView screenshot


A two-dimensional scrolling view component for the iPhone, heavily inspired by UITableView.

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MMGridView screenshot


MMGridView is a simple grid view / dashboard like UI component for iOS.

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AQGridView screenshot


Use this to create Springboard-like user interfaces: "AQGridView is an attempt to create something similar to NSCollectionView on the iPhone."

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