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HideAndSeek Desktop screenshot

HideAndSeek Desktop

January 14, 2020 • MIT License
Hide/Show your Desktop Icons on your Mac Easily with one click or one shortcut (Cmd+Opt+H). It will avoid you to write the command line to hide or show every time and can be automated with shortcut.
SilentScrolly screenshot


April 07, 2018 • MIT License
Scroll to hide navigationBar, tabBar and toolBar.
BRDropDownView screenshot


October 22, 2017 • MIT License
Boring DropDown && Up animated Custom UIView supporting various style of subview.
TabbarControllerHideable screenshot


August 10, 2017 • MIT License
A drop in UITabbarController with show and hide options
KeyboardHideManager screenshot


December 29, 2016 • MIT License
Codeless manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for iOS written in Swift.
HideKeyboardTapGestureManager screenshot


December 29, 2016 • MIT License
Easy to use manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for iOS written in Swift.
MMCollapsibleLabel screenshot


November 15, 2016 • MIT License
A highly customizable UILabel which is collapsible like an accordion with a Show / Hide button.
HideShowPasswordTextField screenshot


July 07, 2016 • MIT License
An easy to use UITextField subclass that adds a visibility toggle and an optional validation checkmark
LoginScreen screenshot


November 25, 2015 • Unspecified License
The project contain an login screen which was developed as test project, and then little bit modified and improved. The Login screen contain few UITextField for input login and password, three butt...
GKFadeNavigationController screenshot


July 03, 2015 • MIT License
This is an example implementation of a UINavigationController with support of animated hiding and showing it's Navigation Bar. Features - Animates tint color - Takes care of the status bar c...
JDFPeekaboo screenshot


February 20, 2015 • MIT License
JDFPeekaboo is a simple class that hides the navigation bar when you scroll.
VisibleFormViewController screenshot


February 17, 2015 • Public Domain License
An extended UIviewController allowing to not hide the content behind the keyboard opened.
AFSwipeToHide screenshot


November 17, 2014 • MIT License
Hide your toolbars with a swipe. Just like Safari for iOS.
MGFashionMenuView screenshot


July 28, 2014 • MIT License
View with an awesome animation when it is shown/hidden
TLYShyNavBar screenshot


July 11, 2014 • MIT License
Unlike all those arrogant UINavigationBar, this one is shy and humble! Easily create Auto-Scrolling Navigation Bars!
MAHideSlideView screenshot


March 06, 2013 • MIT License
Sliding view with customizable cover background. Hidden view may be an ImageView or a button. Contains a protocol definition for open and close event management.
JCGridMenu screenshot


August 09, 2012 • Custom License
This is a simple IOS control that works as a 44x44px menu using rows and columns to show and hide options. It's not big but it is clever...
RNSwipeBar screenshot


July 11, 2012 • MIT License
A replacement for UIToolbars and UITabBars. Add your widgets and buttons for a given view to the bar, and users can swipe it up to expose its contents.
HGKOptionPanel screenshot


October 03, 2011 • BSD License
Hidable option panel with simple animation.