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DAAlertController screenshot


DAAlertController provides a convenient block-based interface for configuration and presentation of UIAlertViews and UIActionSheets. If UIAlertContoller is available DAAlertController will just pass all the work to it, otherwise it will use associated references to invoke action handlers when buttons are clicked just like UIAlertController would.

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MMPaperPanFlip screenshot


Approach to Simulate Pan Flip Like in Paper app

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JBWebViewController screenshot


A drop-in modal web browser inspired by the current browser in the Facebook app on App Store. Works on both iOS 7 & iOS 8.

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MMTableCellAnimation screenshot


This project is about table cell translation animation

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MRFlipTransition screenshot


A custom transition that works like the one in Facebook's Paper

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PureLayout screenshot


The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. PureLayout extends UIView/NSView, NSArray, and NSLayoutConstraint with a comprehensive Auto Layout API that is modeled after Apple's own frameworks. Writing Auto Layout code from scratch isn't easy. PureLayout provides a fully capable and developer-friendly interface for Auto Layout. It is designed for clarity and simplicity, and takes inspiration from the Auto Layout UI options available in Interface Builder while delivering far more flexibility. The API is also highly efficient, as it adds only a thin layer of third party code and is engineered for maximum performance.

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ICGTransitionAnimation screenshot


ICGTransitionAnimation is a library to customize transition animation in iOS 7.

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MRoundedButton screenshot


UIControl subclass like iOS 7 Phone app button

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SimpleCam screenshot


A Memory Efficient Drop In Replacement / Alternative for the Native UIImagePicker Camera

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DNSSwipeableTableCell screenshot


A table view cell that swipes to reveal a basement menu similar to iOS 7 Mail, but with tons of configuration options. Uses a delegate/data source construction method, and NSLayoutConstraints and spring damping animation instead of a UIScrollView to prevent gesture collision.

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FinderSyrahUI screenshot


An experiment showing how Finder might look like on the next OSX.

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SSSearchBar screenshot


A clean, easy to use, awesome replacement for UISearchBar.

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LMPaymentKit screenshot


A maintained fork of PaymentKit from Stripe, updated for iOS 7

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SDCAlertView screenshot


SDCAlertView adds a contentView property to a pixel-for-pixel clone of UIAlertView

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JSQSystemSoundPlayer screenshot


A fancy Obj-C wrapper for iOS System Sound Services.

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APPaginalTableView screenshot


It is implementation of view allowing navigation between views like in iOS 7 Weather App.

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RMBlurredView screenshot


Get an iOS 7 like blurred effect on your NSView with ease. Easy drop-in solution, that uses CAFilters, so you don't have to worry about FPS or other performance issues. Follow @raffael_me for similar releases.

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ProgressHUD screenshot


ProgressHUD is a lightweight and easy-to-use HUD for iOS 7 (written in Objective-C).

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iOS 7 Sampler screenshot

iOS 7 Sampler

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7. Contents: - Dynamic Behaviors - Speech Synthesis - Custom Transition - 3D Map - iBeacon - 120fps Video Recording - Smile Detection - Image Filters - Sprite Kit - Map Directions - Motion Effects (Parallax) - Multipeer Connectivity - New UIActivities: **Airdrop**, Post to Flickr / Vimeo, Add to Readinglist - QR Code Generator - Motion Activity Tracking - Static Map Snapshots - Safari Reading List - New Fonts - Spring Animation - Web Pagination

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THSpringyCollectionView screenshot


A memory and CPU efficient implementation of a collection view with cells that bounce around like they do in the iOS 7 messages app. This is implemented by simply subclassing the UICollectionViewFlowLayout class and adding UIAttachmentBehaviours to the layout attributes. The implementation is based on the "Exploring Scroll Views on iOS 7" presentation from WWDC 2013, however it goes further by providing robust memory and CPU management by tiling the UIAttachmentBehaviours.

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OBAlertView screenshot


Full screen alert views inspired by the iOS 7 music app.

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