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Tabbar screenshot


Use Top tabbar by clicking and dragging.

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SBSwifty3DTouch screenshot


This is simple 3D Touch with Static and Dynamic ShortCutItems in Swift.

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SMTNavigationBar screenshot


Easily access and customize your navigation bar universally. Add buttons and get full control of its selector methods.

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XHScrollMenu screenshot


XHScrollMenu is a display column elements, base on NetEase News App.

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PTSSpringBoard screenshot


A springboard implementation, as know from the Apple iOS mainscreen. Supports moving and deletion of items. Work with all interface orientations and for different screen-sizes. Was tested with the ...

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KNMultiItemSelector screenshot


KNMultiItemSelector is a drop-in multiple items selector for iOS projects. It works with both iPhone and iPad. It is best used for selecting several items in a long list of hundreds or thousands...

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VSTabBar screenshot


A custom Tab Bar write from scratch VSTabBar is fully customizable: * All colors could be changed (Background, Foreground, gradient selection, current selection item, etc.), * Showing/Unshow...

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SESpringBoard screenshot


SESpringBoard is a simple and super easy to use springboard (launcher) view for to use in your iPhone apps.

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