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SmileToUnlock screenshot


Uses ARKit Face Tracking in order to catch a user's smile.

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LaunchScreenSnapshot screenshot


Protects sensitive data in your app snapshot.

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TwitterLaunchAnimation screenshot


very similar Twitter laucnh animation

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ASMapLauncher screenshot


ASMapLauncher is a library for iOS written in Swift that helps navigation with various mapping applications.

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LaunchScreenViewController screenshot


iOS View Controller for loading default launch screen in app and maybe to add some animations to it

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PTSSpringBoard screenshot


A springboard implementation, as know from the Apple iOS mainscreen. Supports moving and deletion of items. Work with all interface orientations and for different screen-sizes. Was tested with the iPhone (should work on the iPad too). The PTSSpringBoard uses a UITableView like delegation pattern to communicate with its data source and delegate. The code is documented - and the demo project should demonstrate the possibilities of the class. You are allowed to use this class for any of your projects (be it commercial or open source). If you do so, you are invited to give credits to the author Ralph Gasser (pontius software GmbH, Switzerland). If you alter the class and/or improve upon it, you are kindly asked to share your work under the same terms.

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AALaunchTransition screenshot


Simple framework to let your application's launch image fade-out to its initial view.

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FullScreenAnimations screenshot


Shows an example of a Path 2.0-like book opening animation on application launch.

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HMLauncherView screenshot


HMLauncherView is a UI component which mimics the iOS homescreen (a.k.a SpringBoard) behaviour. Added icons can be reordered and removed. In addition the HMLauncherView supports drag&drop of icons between several HMLauncherView instances. Checkout the demo video:

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NAMenu screenshot


NAMenu is a dead simple SpringBoard-like grid menu you can use to launch other view controllers. It features smooth animation and full landscape support. It was designed to be minimalistic and dead-easy to use or modify.

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SESpringBoard screenshot


SESpringBoard is a simple and super easy to use springboard (launcher) view for to use in your iPhone apps.

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LaunchImageTransition screenshot


Fades from your launch image (Default.png) to root view controller. Lets you choose the transition animation and delay.

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Three20 TTLauncher screenshot

Three20 TTLauncher

A Springboard-like launcher, as seen in the Facebook iOS app.

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