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curvyRoute screenshot


Display curvy routes on iOS, MapKit

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MapViewPlus screenshot


Easily add Image Annotation View and Custom Callout View to MKMapView

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SRAttractionsMap screenshot


The map contains attractions placed on it with the abillity to click and see the full description.

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ClusterKit screenshot


An iOS map clustering framework targeting MapKit and Google Maps.

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NearBy screenshot


iOS app to find nearby places using MapKit

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Cluster screenshot


Easy Map Annotation Clustering

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HACClusterMapViewController screenshot


HACClusterMapViewController class is written in Objective-C and facilitates the use of maps when they have many pins that show.

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HNKGooglePlacesAutocomplete screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for the Google Places Autocomplete API

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UIPlacePicker screenshot


Simple UIPlacePicker

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DBMapSelectorViewController screenshot


This component allows you to select circular map region from the MKMapView.

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MapManager (Swift) screenshot

MapManager (Swift)

Map manager is a MapKit wrapper to provide route direction drawing written entirely in Swift 1) Closure support 2) Get directions using Apple service 3) Get directions using Google service SAMPLE CODE: var origin = "Toronto" var destination = "Montreal" mapManager.directionsUsingGoogle(from: origin, to: destination) { (route, directionInformation, boundingRegion, error) -> () in if(error != nil){ println(error!) }else{ if let map = self.mapView?{ dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) { map.addOverlay(route!) map.setVisibleMapRect(boundingRegion!, animated: true) } } } }

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MapKitDrawing screenshot


add polygons with freehand drawing

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OMAMovingAnnotations screenshot


Moving annotations for iOS MapView

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P2MSRoutingView screenshot


A simple and quick way to integrate MapView and directions in the application.

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iOSAppTemplate screenshot


A functional and useful template for iOS applications. Includes: - Animated side menu. - Todo list integrated with - Map with MapKit. - Embed youtube video. - NEW: Parse offline and sync support with CoreData.

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CoreLocationUtils screenshot


A category with convenient methods for CLLocation. Initialize with latitude and longitude in radians Initialize with a pretty string format (e.g. latitude = @"34° 36' 12\" N" longitude = @"35° 12' 24\" W") Obtain coordinates in a pretty format Distance between coordinates using haversine, spherical law of cosines, pythagoras, rhumb line formulas Midpoint along a great circle path between coordinates Initial/final bearings to target location from source location Calculate target location with a given distance and bearing from source location

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Pulsing Halo screenshot

Pulsing Halo

A CALayer subclass for indicating Pulsing Halo.

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iOS 7 Sampler screenshot

iOS 7 Sampler

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7. Contents: - Dynamic Behaviors - Speech Synthesis - Custom Transition - 3D Map - iBeacon - 120fps Video Recording - Smile Detection - Image Filters - Sprite Kit - Map Directions - Motion Effects (Parallax) - Multipeer Connectivity - New UIActivities: **Airdrop**, Post to Flickr / Vimeo, Add to Readinglist - QR Code Generator - Motion Activity Tracking - Static Map Snapshots - Safari Reading List - New Fonts - Spring Animation - Web Pagination

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MBXMapKit screenshot


One-line MapBox integration with MapKit on iOS and OS X

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SPHLocationPicker screenshot


A location picker built around a UITableView, MKMapView and CLPlacemark. Displaying and the size of the map, dropping pins with a tap, providing a search controller and a bounce to return the map to the default size are all configurable. Your own datasources for the initial table/mapview and search controller can be provided.

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SJGeocoder screenshot


CLGeocoder, but with local search results built-in. No muss, no fuss. (An API-compliant CLGeocoder subclass that adds MKLocalSearch results to geocode queries.)

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