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ZHMaskCamera screenshot


September 11, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
ZHMaskCamera is a camera that takes UIImage (masking image), takes a photo but it gives you a masked picture from captured photo.
CKTextField screenshot


October 14, 2014 • MIT License
Enhanced UITextField, with improved visuals for a sweet UX. Add input validation via Storyboard! The CKTextField displays a green checkmark once the user entered a valid content. It will shake, ...
VMaskTextField screenshot


October 01, 2014 • MIT License
VMaskTextField is a library which create an input mask.An inputmask helps the user with the input by ensuring a predefined format. This can be useful for dates, numerics, phone numbers etc
OCMaskedTextFieldView screenshot


April 17, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
A simple UIView subclass to display dynamically masked textFields.
KVNMaskedPageControl screenshot


April 14, 2014 • MIT License
A drop-in replacement for UIPageControl that allows seamless transition between different dot styles, one for each page, using a masking effect.
MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


March 01, 2012 • Public Domain License
Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this i...
RSMaskedLabel screenshot


January 23, 2012 • Unspecified License
A UIView that renders an inverted mask of a UILabel.