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KFSwiftImageLoader screenshot


From the creator of KFWatchKitAnimations comes the next great tool for  Watch and iOS in general: KFSwiftImageLoader KFSwiftImageLoader is an extremely high-performance, lightweight, and energy...

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DXCustomCallout-ObjC screenshot


A simpler approach to CustomCallouts for MKMapview

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DBMapSelectorViewController screenshot


This component allows you to select circular map region from the MKMapView.

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Pulsing Halo screenshot

Pulsing Halo

A CALayer subclass for indicating Pulsing Halo.

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JPSThumbnailAnnotation screenshot


A simple MapKit annotation view for displaying images with clean design and animations. It is 100% programmatically drawn.

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Kingpin screenshot


A drop-in MKAnnotation clustering library for iOS. * Uses a 2-d tree under the hood for maximum performance * No subclassing required, making the library easy to integrate with existing projects.

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Custom Map Annotation screenshot

Custom Map Annotation

A demonstration of customizing the callout bubble of an MKAnnotationView.

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GIKAnimatedCallout screenshot


GIKAnimatedCallout demonstrates the use of an MKAnnotationView subclass to provide functionality similar to the callouts in on iPad.

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HGMovingAnnotationView screenshot


An annotation view for an MKMapView that can move along a map.

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