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RxSwift + MVVM-C  screenshot

RxSwift + MVVM-C

This is the demo project of MVVM-C structure with dependency injection using RxSwift. , I have integrated two APIs for MovieDB APIS ( One for the listing of Movie and other one is details of movies. Following are screenshots for the Appliction.

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JDVideoKit screenshot


Transfer your video from library into Three common video type(Boomerange, Speed Up, Reverse). JDVideoKit support the layout you need, camera layout & editing Layout.

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BmoViewPager screenshot


A ViewPager with NavigationBar component based on UIPageViewController and UICollectionView

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PlaybackButton screenshot


iOS animation playback button inspired by the playback button of YouTube for web.

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MPMoviePlayerController-CurrentPlybackTimeMonitor screenshot


MPMoviePlayer category to monitor current play back time.

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NSGIF screenshot


iOS Library for converting videos to animated GIFs.

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VideoSplash screenshot


<h3>Video based UIViewController</h3> </br> <h4><b>Supported Properties</b></h4> <ul> <li>videoFrame</li> <li>fillMode</li> <li>alwaysRepeat</li> <li>startTime</li> <li>duration</li> <li>alpha</li> <li>backgroundColor</li> </ul> </br>

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SDRecordButton screenshot


📹 A handy UIButton subclass, meant to be used as a recording button.

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youtube-parser screenshot


YouTube link parser for swift

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KYShutterButton screenshot


KYShutterButton is a custom button that is similar to the shutter button of the camera app ・IBDesignable support

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Movies screenshot


Movies is a collection of a few UI/UX ideas that came up whilst developing an iOS app called Wattmo ( You'll find tableviews, details pages, collection views, cool loading animations and lots of utility classes as well. (I'll let you explore and dig out what you like/need) I thought it'd be nice to share some of these ideas. You guys have fun with it!

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iOS Video Player screenshot

iOS Video Player

iOS ultimately video player, compatible to ipad as well as iphone with very cool UI themes

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LMMediaPlayer screenshot


Video and audio player with replaceable UI component. You can play MPMediaItem and http streaming contents with fullscreen or non-fullscreen mode.

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VKVideoPlayer screenshot


VKVideoPlayer is the same battle tested video player used in our Viki iOS App enjoyed by millions of users all around the world. Some of the advance features are: - Fully customizable UI - No full screen restrictions (have it any size and position you would like!) - Display subtitles (SRT supported out of the box) - Customize subtitles (use CSS for styling courtesy of DTCoreText) - Supports HTTP Live streaming - Orientation change support (even when orientation lock is enabled) - Bulletproof event machine to easily integrate features like video ads - Lots of delegate callbacks for your own logging requirements

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iTunesPicker screenshot


A complete app to discover, search and compare rankings for apps (iPhone,iPad,Mac), books, movies, music videos and music from iTunes in any available country. iTunes charts are available only for your country, with iTunesPicker you can discover apps (and others items) in the world rankings and compare the position (top 200 is the iTunes API limit) for an app (book,movie,music,music video) in the world rankings. You can include iTunesPicker as component (AppCornerKit) in your app to encourage the download of your others apps (without breaking the approval rule 2.25), you can show your others apps in the App Store with a few lines of code.

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MHVideoPhotoGallery screenshot


Gallery for iOS 7 Devices. A mix of the iOS Gallery and the Facebook Gallery. I took the best from the best. Have Fun.

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ALMoviePlayerController screenshot


A drop-in replacement for MPMoviePlayerController that exposes the UI elements and allows for maximum customization.

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CTAssetsPickerController screenshot


CTAssetsPickerController is an iOS controller that allows picking multiple photos and videos from user's photo library. The usage and look-and-feel are just similar to UIImagePickerController. It uses ARC and requires Photos framework.

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XCDYouTubeVideoPlayerViewController screenshot


YouTube video player for iPhone and iPad

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kxmovie screenshot


FFmpeg-based movie player for iOS.

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JKSMoviePlayerController screenshot


JKSMoviePlayerController is a controller and associated view for easily adding user-controlled playback of videos to AppKit based applications using the AVFoundation framework, with a modern looking controlview. It's inspired, in spirit, by MPMovieController found in the iOS SDK.

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