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LaunchAtLogin screenshot


Add "Launch at Login" functionality to your sandboxed macOS app in seconds.

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GoPlay screenshot


GoPlay is a media player framework for iOS. Based on FFmpeg and OpenGL ES 2.0. support all formats and custom your own filters by GLSL.

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Portrait-without-Depth-ios screenshot


Try Swift 2019 demo app that converts Depth-less 2D images into Portrait mode.

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MTSlideToOpen screenshot


A simple SlideToUnlock iOS UI component

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MHPinterestLayout screenshot


Flexible Pinterest-like layout

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Apple-Dev-News screenshot


A beautifully designed app for Apple Developer News ( (RSS Feeds from

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PGVerticalOpenTransition-Swift screenshot


Under Dragging - ViewControler to ViewControler Vertical Open Transition.

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LOpenPanelWithFilter screenshot


This open panel with filter. You can use this Panel set filter easily, when your app support too many types of files.

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TwitterLaunchAnimation screenshot


very similar Twitter laucnh animation

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VRDemo-Swift screenshot


VRDemo-Swift is a 360-degree video player demo which achieved use Swift3.0 and OpenGL ES.

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SETOCryptomatorCryptor screenshot


iOS crypto framework to access Cryptomator vaults.

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SKAsyncGLViewController screenshot


SKAsyncGLViewController. Ready to use GCD-based OpenGL stack for iOs.

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YUCIHighPassSkinSmoothing screenshot


An implementation of High Pass Skin Smoothing using Apple's Core Image Framework.

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URLEmbeddedView screenshot


URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol.

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TKParallaxScrollView screenshot


TKParallaxScrollView is the interactive moving library for header and middle views on scrollview.

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StarWars.iOS screenshot


This component implements transition animation to crumble view-controller into tiny pieces.

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MMCamScanner screenshot


Custom camera with square detection (OpenCV Framework), custom ripple view controller animation and crop feature with valid rectangle.

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xkcd-Open-Source screenshot


A free and open source xkcd comic reader for iOS.

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JSQActivityKit screenshot


Swift UIActivities for iOS

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OpenSansSwift screenshot


Easily use the OpenSans font in Swift The usual process of embedding any custom fonts in your IOS applications has a few steps: * Copy all your font resources to your project * Make sure the...

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AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGET screenshot


Your GET request is in progress, then you make a new one asking for the same resource, better reuse it than creating a new one, right? This category adds the `uniqueGET` method to **AFHTTPSessio...

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RTFramework screenshot


Just a simple framework to display 3d content, easy to integrate with augmented reality frameworks(tested with vuforia)

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ObjectivePGP - OpenPGP implementation screenshot

ObjectivePGP - OpenPGP implementation

ObjectivePGP is an OpenPGP implementation for iOS and OSX.

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CZWeatherKit screenshot


CZWeatherKit is a simple, extensible weather library for iOS and OS X that allows for easy downloading of weather data from various weather services.

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MIHCrypto screenshot


OpenSSL is the most powerful SSL and TLS library available which wraps a full cryptographic library. The library is written in pure C and due to its endless size and not-so-well-designed C interfac...

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